Minecraft 2 Isn’t Happening as the Original Will Evolve and Live on Forever

Minecraft 2 Isn’t Happening as the Original Will Evolve and Live on Forever

At E3 2018, Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s Executive President of Gaming, revealed new Xbox hardware is on its way. Microsoft is seemingly committed to supporting the Xbox brand in the long-term, and Spencer concurs—though he admits the enormity of today’s games might change how we perceive sequels and console generations.

“As you think about this next wave of hardware that eventually will come, so many of the large, large games people are playing today are still going to exist when the next hardware comes out,” Spencer tells Eurogamer in an interview published today. “You’re not likely to see a ‘2’ after all those, as people are trying to move you to the next version of those games. In the old model of games shipping, getting played and then going away—and that was all of the games—a console transition was an easy step-function.”

Spencer cites Minecraft as an example. The reason Xbox One didn’t ship with Minecraft 2 is because players don’t necessarily want a new Minecraft; they just want Minecraft to keep getting better.

“When you look at games like PUBG and Fortnite and you think about these large games and ecosystems that’ll be out there, when new hardware comes, people are still going to want to play those games, and it’s going to be important for us as platforms to support them,” Spencer says.

Crazy crossover events help keep “old” games fresh, too.
The longevity of games resulting from the “games as a service” model is also why Xbox is committed to backwards compatibility. “I’m very proud of our track record of compatibility and us respecting the purchase of games you’ve made with us and bringing that to the current generation,” Spencer said. “It is in our core on who we are.”

We can supply everything there is to know about the new Xbox, and we’re also on top of all the neat little surprises coming out of E3 2018. Keep following us!

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Best Minecraft servers that deliver blocky takes on Pokemon, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings

Best Minecraft servers that deliver blocky takes on Pokemon, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings

Jump through a server portal to find yourself in Minecraft versions of Los Santos, Westeros, and Middle-earth

Minecraft on PC is basically the gift that keeps on giving, and that’s not only thanks to the constant updates from developer Mojang, but also because of the incredibly dedicated community that keeps on creating and sharing its work. And the culmination of years of ambition and hard work have resulted in a selection of the best Minecraft servers around. Each one houses a Minecraft world that can take you to places you know and love, but now with a blocky sheen. These architectural paradises include places like Game of Thrones’ Westeros, Lord of the Rings’ Middle-earth, and even GTA 5’s Los Santos (minus the debauchery and all the blood, this is Minecraft guys).

As you’d expect, there are literally hundreds of Minecraft servers to choose from, but we’ve gone on a block-tastic journey to discover what we think are the best Minecraft servers around. Each one is its own, self-contained, multiplayer world, complete with their own gameplay styles, rules and engaged communities, so prepare yourself to become a part of their world.

How to access the best Minecraft servers on PC
Once you’ve found a server that you like the look of, you’ll need to grab the host name or IP address of that particular one – don’t worry, we’ve included the relevant host names for our selection of the best Minecraft servers. Start up your game, head to multiplayer and then “add a server”. Just whack the IP address in that bar, name the server and hit done. Then it’s just a case of heading back to your list of servers and selecting the one you want to play around in today.

Our pick of the best Minecraft servers
Grand Theft Minecart
Minecraft server: Grand Theft Minecart

Host name: mc-gtm.net

If you thought a child-friendly Grand Theft Auto wasn’t possible, think again. In Minecraft, anything is possible, and thanks to Grand Theft Minecart you can head on down to a prostitute-free version of Los Santos, known better as MineSantos. Featuring custom weapons and vehicles, the option to own your own apartment or even join a gang, there’s plenty to make sure Grand Theft Minecart feels like a jaunt down to Los Santos. There are even two game modes: Grand Theft Minecart itself, with its more traditional GTA gameplay, or ViceMC, which is a factions-inspired game mode, where you need to grow different types of drugs and attempt to build a drug cartel empire. Okay, so maybe not entirely child friendly after all.

Minecraft server: Pixelmoncraft

Host name: server.pixelmoncraft.com or safari.pixelmoncraft.com

Of all the Pokemon-themed Minecraft servers out there, our favourite has to be PixelmonCraft. It takes the popular Pixelmon mod and turns it into a full multiplayer server. Pokemon MMO anyone? Well, actually it’s spread across two servers, to recreate well-known locations from Kanto and Johto regions from the game series with amazing attention to detail. There are Gym Leaders to fight, PokeMarts to shop in, and even long-grass to avoid. If only this was a real Pokemon MMO, but it’s close as we’re getting for now, and that’s incredible.

Minecraft Middle-earth
Minecraft server: Minecraft Middle-earth

Host name: build.mcmiddleearth.com

There are definitely plenty of Lord of the Rings themed servers to choose from, but for us it’s Minecraft Middle-earth that deserves to be on our list of best Minecraft servers, despite the fact it’s not actually complete yet. Based on the Peter Jackson cinematic version of Middle-earth, this is already an incredible feat, and you can help continue to build it (just make sure you follow those rules). Or, you can just explore the Shire, take a sightseeing trip, or drop into the server’s PVP zone and test your mettle.

Minecraft server: WesterosCraft


Host name: mc.westeroscraft.com

Game of Thrones x Minecraft anyone? Well, it already exists. Meet WesterosCraft. This modern classic has recreated all the major locations from the TV series, from the Red Keep at King’s Landing to the Wall, mostly recreated from the actual HBO TV episodes themselves, so prepare yourself for a visual treat. This is another server that’s still being built, but seeing what they’ve created so far is regularly breathtaking, and if you want to get involved with the ongoing creation you absolutely can. Or just marvel in the wonder.

The Mining Dead
The Mining Dead

Host name: mc.havocmc.net

Prepare to scream COOOORAL into a world of blocks, because The Walking Dead in Minecraft is a real thing and it’s brilliantly called The Mining Dead. Although it plays out more like a Minecraft DayZ – basically a zombie survival game – the entire world inside the server features key locations from the AMC The Walking Dead TV series (and comics), like Woodbury, Alexandria and The Prison. There are custom skins for different characters too, including Rick himself, so prepare to play out The Walking Dead season 9 plot theories out in your own Minecraft version.

Arkham Network
Minecraft server: Arkham Network

Host name: mc.arkhamnetwork.org

Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re saving the city every damn day? Or at least the saviour of the people? Well, you do right? That’s why the Arkham network Minecraft server is fantastic, because it’s an amazing smashing-together of comic book worlds that just begging to be explored, swung across or flown through. Of course, you don’t have to be a superhero at all, you can opt to watch the world burn instead (perhaps not literally though). Regardless of the side you pick, you can take part in a host of different day jobs for earning some money, and a plethora of modes to play around in too. We’d just advise that you make a few friends or frenemies along the way, because it’s a dangerous world out there.

Potter World MC


Host name: play.potterworldmc.com

When authenticity is the name of the game, you know a Minecraft server based on Harry Potter’s universe is going to have it in spades. Much like the other servers that ape AAA counterparts, Potter World MC is an absolute stunning piece of work, from Hogwarts itself to Platform 9 ¾ and Diagon Alley. The actual gameplay lets you become a wizard, attend classes, duel other wizards and witches, play quidditch and more thanks to events and minigames. It’s a seriously impressive feat. Even Dumbledore would be impressed.

Extreme Craft

Host name: play.extremecraft.net

The only entry on our list of best Minecraft servers not dedicated to another movie, TV or video game property, but honestly this list would be incomplete without Extreme Craft. It’s (rightly) immensely popular because of the sheer number of game modes it offers, which include battle royale/hunger games, skygrid, skywars, survival modes and more. That’s not even considering the fact it offers a creative mode, and even an RPG. It basically offers a little bit of everything in one beautiful world, and who can say no to that?

Have we missed any of what you think are the best Minecraft servers? Let us know your favourites in the comments below and we’ll make sure to check them out.

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The best Minecraft texture packs

The best Minecraft texture packs

Minecraft texture packs are essentially a way of changing how the base game looks. Want a more cartoony feel? Maybe you’re looking to build a medieval castle? Whatever you’re after, chances are, there’s a texture pack for exactly what you want.
Installing texture packs is nice and simple. Just follow the brief guide below and you’ll be up and running in no time. If, however, you find a texture pack that doesn’t work correctly, you may need to roll back your version of Minecraft to an older iteration. You can find out how to do that here.

And don’t forget, whether you’re looking for the best Minecraft seeds, Minecraft console commands and cheats, best Minecraft servers, or are even wondering which version of Minecraft is better, we can help with everything you need.

How to install texture packs
– Download the texture pack (it may come as a .Zip file, don’t extract it).
– Boot up Minecraft.
– Click ‘Options’.
– Next click ‘Resource Packs’.
– Now click on “Open Resource Packs folder.”
– From here, drag the texture pack file into the folder.
– The texture pack should now appear in the list of usable add-ons.

LB Photo Realism Pack

Although Minecraft is built upon having a rustic aesthetic, sometimes you want your world to gleam with beauty. That’s where the LB Photo Realism pack comes in. Every texture in this pack has been painstakingly reworked to make it look as realistic as possible, from shimmering water surfaces all the way to how trees appear more textured, this is one pack you won’t want to miss. Grab it here.

Retro NES

Minecraft evokes that feeling of 8-bit nostalgia that we’re all susceptible to, over a certain age. With the Retro NES pack, you can turn the clock back and relive your youth, so long as you’re over the age of 30 that is. Now you just need to get to the Nether and turn the whole place into one big Bowser fortress. Get it here.

John Smith

We couldn’t go without mentioning arguably the best fantasy pack out there for Minecraft. Whether you’re looking to build a castle with a sprawling courtyard or fancy creating a western theme park with killer robots, the John Smith pack has all that and more. This pack has become the go-to staple for many players, and if you happen to find yourself looking on YouTube for build guides, it’s likely this is the pack you’ll see used.

Default 32×32

It’s funny how many people don’t use the default Minecraft textures. Not because they’re bad, per se, but there’s only so many hours you can lose before those muddy textures start to outstay their welcome. And yet, changing things up too drastically makes everything look weird. For all the inbetweeners out there, do check out Default 32×32, it’s kind of like a plastic wrap texture that keeps the original style intact while still feeling fresh.

oCd Pack

Hands up if you’ve ever seen a lone block and just had to remove it because the sight of it being out of place made you shudder. To avoid ever having to deal with rogue blocks and misshapen landscapes, this pack removes noise and harsh colours, changes spacing so most terrains are even, and sets all angles at 90 degrees. Not bad, eh? You can find it here.

Modern HD

While you can make modern buildings with the default textures, you’re limited in what you can and can’t use. Any white and black blocks work, but try using cobblestone and the build falls apart. To fix this and more there’s the Modern HD pack, which offers a more contemporary feel. Now there’s nothing stopping you from building the house of your dreams, which you’re pretty much guaranteed to never afford doing in the real world.

Adventure Time Craft

Aww, c’mon, who doesn’t want to build their own replica of the Ice King or Princess Bubblegum’s castle? Even if you’re not a fan of the show, then there’s always the option of using this one as a neat little cartoon texture pack. Pick it up here.

Halo Minecraft Wars

According to my notes, Halo is a first-person shooting game where you shoot aliens in the head a lot—I hear it’s pretty popular. If you would like to give Minecraft the Master Chief treatment, then this is the texture pack for you. Now if only there were an option to fire actual halos on people’s worlds. Imagine the griefing possibilities.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2: The Texture Pack

Okay. The FNaF fanfare may have died down some time ago, but that doesn’t stop this pack from being cool. Mobs, as well as armour, have all been changed to mimic each of the nightmare-inducing animatronics. I’m pretty sure with some minecart exploits and redstone you could, maybe, make your own FNaF chamber? Just remember Chica is still a creeper, so expect far too many explosions.

Star Wars

In what has to be the most self-explanatory heading ever, this one is a Star Wars pack, and if you’re a fan of great movies like The Last Jedi, you should pick it up. And before you ask, yes, all the swords have been changed to lightsabers. Even the bow has been altered to be a stormtrooper’s gun, complete with the ‘pew pew’ sound effect.


As an alternative to Modern HD, Urbancraft is perhaps better for creating large scale cities. Think hulking skyscrapers and high-rise flats. If you plan on creating your own city, don’t forget to grab the Instant Massive Structures mods, which lets you drop down complete buildings at the click of a button.


Much like the official Candy texture pack, Sugarpack combines the love of bright colours and confectionary. MnM blocks? Check. Candy canes? Check. Exploding chocolate bunnies? I mean, check, but it’s as terrifying as it is cute.

Super Mario

16-bit visuals marry Minecraft’s blocky terrain in a pack that almost looks like it could have been created by someone at Nintendo, it looks so damn pretty. Just stay away from the Villager/Toad people because hell, what even are they? You can pick it up here.

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Kalgoorlie-Boulder joins Minecraft virtual reality world

Kalgoorlie-Boulder joins Minecraft virtual reality world

Kalgoorlie-Boulder will be launched in the virtual world of Minecraft from Sunday when gamers will be able roam the streets and recreate the Goldfields’ capital.

The game, which has been developed by MineCrux co-producers Tim Neeson and Aidan Stevens as a tribute to the 125th anniversary of the founding of the city, will see players spawn in the virtual shed of the 331 Ideas Hub in Hannan Street.

After spawning, approved players will be able to build on a two-dimensional template which has been brought into the game by the developers who have superimposed maps, data and images of the city.

Other gamers will be able to enter the world and explore the city as the game begins to take a three-dimensional shape.

Mr Stevens — who has spent more than two years developing the virtual world — said he was looking forward to the official launch.

“I’ve spent months and months on this project and it is going to be amazing once it’s finally out to the public,” he said.

“The whole Kalgoorlie map in the world of Minecraft is about 700 million blocks so it’s a big project.”

Mr Neeson said once the world had become established, MineCrux would begin allowing access to other players.

“We just need to vet the builders and we want to build up young administrators who can then facilitate and mentor and work with other kids as they come into the world,” he said.

“Once we are confident with where it is going and we have got enough players who can vouch for other players it will be opened up to the rest of the world.

“It is giving people communication and design tools to be part of growing this town which has been shrinking for a long time.”

A launch party will be held at the 331 Ideas Hub on Sunday from 9am where budding gamers and administrators will be approved for the game.

Entry is by gold-coin donation with food provided and an IP address allowing players into the world to be published at 3pm.

Read more here: https://thewest.com.au/news/kalgoorlie-miner/kalgoorlie-boulder-joins-minecraft-virtual-reality-world-ng-b88885938z

Minecraft Let Gamers Design Sculptures That Will Now Become Coral Reefs

Minecraft Let Gamers Design Sculptures That Will Now Become Coral Reefs

File this one under life imitating art.

Minecraft and San Francisco agency 215 McCann have partnered on an initiative to help restore the coral reefs in Mexico in conjunction with the Microsoft-owned game’s Update Aquatic, an expansion that fills the “once-empty Minecraft ocean” with bustling marine life.

Through the Coral Crafters project, Minecraft partnered with some of its most influential players to develop three underwater sculptures, designed in the game and then brought to life as frames then anchored to the sea floor off the coast of Cozumel, Mexico. Another three sculptures, including the game’s iconic characters Steve and Alex, were created by the Coral Crafters team.

The sculptures are specially designed to facilitate the growth of real coral with the aid of biorock—a substance, sometimes known as “seament,” created by the electro-accumulation of minerals dissolved in seawater. The sculptures will allow for the growth of coral colonies for “decades to come,” according to an agency release.

The Minecraft influencers—Rabahrex, Logdotzip and Stacyplays—decided for themselves how to solicit input for their designs. While two of the three based their designs on audience and gamer feedback, Rabahrex enlisted students at a school in Mexico, having them compete to create the best design. The winner? A statue honoring the axolotl, a Mexican salamander.

McCann and Minecraft have also partnered with The Nature Conservancy, a nonprofit that farms and plants coral in the Caribbean, as well as targeting other threats to the ocean. Whenever a player builds coral or buys a custom-made pack from the organization within the game, it triggers automatic donations from Minecraft and Microsoft to the charity, according to the agency.

The campaign will be featured globally in paid media, and Minecraft’s Update Aquatic will be available on Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices this summer.


Client: Microsoft / Minecraft
Taylor Smith
Fergus Lynch
Jessica Freeman
Emily Orrson
Lydia Winters
Nicolette Suraga

Agency: 215 McCann
Chief Creative Officer: Scott Duchon
Creative Director: Neil Bruce
Copywriter: Andy Holdeman
ACD / Art Director: Alper Kologlu
Animators: Carson Bell
Director of Integrated Production: Alex Spahr
Associate Producer: Christina Chin
Director of Business Affairs: Mary Beth Barney
Business Director: Peter Goldstein
Senior Account Executive: Sam Brody
Assistant Account Executive: Robbie Kalish
Director of Strategy: Brian Wakabayashi
Strategy Director: Cassidy Wilber
Engineering and Fabrication: Global Coral Reef Alliance
President and Founder: Thomas Goreau, PhD
Vice President for Design, Power & IT: Thomas Sarkisian
Project Management and Coordination: Marcia Cristina Tessis
Local Subcontractor: Qualti, S.A

Film Production Company: Strike Anywhere
Director: Michael Jacobs
Line Producer: Adrienne Hall
Executive Producer: Cori Cooperider
Underwater Footage: The Jetlagged
Hendrik S. Schmitt and Claudia Schmitt
Editor: Clayton Worfolk
Animator: Tom Yaniv
Illustrator: Rod Hunt
Telecine and Finish: Mission Film and Design
Colorist: Sean Wells
Flame Artist: Mark Everson
Managing Director: Matt Notaro
Original Music: Robot Repair
Recording Studio: One Union Recording
Mixer: Joaby Deahl

Read more here: https://www.adweek.com/creativity/minecraft-let-gamers-design-sculptures-that-will-now-become-artificial-coral-reefs/



For years, Minecraft fans have been able to build nearly anything they could imagine using the game’s simple, low-res interface and 3D simulated environment. They killed monsters and crafted items, created replicas of the starship Enterprise and even built a working Verizon smartphone.

As of this summer, they’re now able to develop under water with the release of Update Aquatic, an expansion to Minecraft capabilities that opens up undersea areas for exploration and populates the oceans with blocky swimming creatures.

Unlike their Minecraft counterpart, the real world’s oceans are suffering, as pollution and climate change kill off sea life, especially coral reefs, which supply the infrastructure for some of the world’s most biodiverse locations. Enter Coral Crafters, an idea conceived by 215 McCann that enlisted the Minecraft creators community to design a series of real-life sculptures meant to help regrow coral off the coast of Cozumel, Mexico.

Minecraft video creator LogDotZip designed three different pieces, one of which was selected by community to be built. Video creator StacyPlays and her fans were behind another design and students in Mexico landed the third spot, with help from creator Rabahrex.

215 McCann also partnered with The Nature Conservancy, triggering donations from Microsoft and Minecraft when players build coral or buy custom content in the game. The global campaign began running earlier this week. The Update Aquatic will be available on Xbox One, Windows 10, Nintendo Switch and mobile.

Read more here: http://creativity-online.com/work/minecraft-coral-crafters/54920