Minecraft EDU Now on iPad

Minecraft: Education Edition is now available on the iPad platform.

The iOS version shares many features found in other versions of Minecraft EDU, including the Update Aquatic package for underwater STEM activities and the Chemistry Resource Pack. It includes a touch interface that is “functionally equivalent to the standard control scheme for the game,” according to Microsoft, which owns Minecraft.

Licensing is being handled through the Microsoft Store, third-party resellers and volume licensing agreements. An Office 365 for Education account is required for deployment. A free trial version will also be available for teachers (maximum of 25 logins) and students (maximum of 10 logins).

A deployment guide and other iOS-specific resources are available on the Minecraft site. Teacher resources can be found here.

Minecraft Minefaire Takes Place In Schaumburg This Weekend

CHICAGO (CBS) — Calling all cube creators!

Thousands of families are headed to Schaumburg this weekend for Minefaire. It creates the ultimate Minecraft experience.

The video game allows players of all ages to create and play in their own world.

Popular YouTubers from all over the world are expected to attend. You can fully immerse yourself in the world of Minecraft with a virtual reality experience and Minecraft escape room.

The event takes place Saturday and Sunday at the Schaumburg Convention Center located at 1551 North Thoreau Drive.

Visit the site Minefaire.com for more information on tickets, events and schedules.

YouTube star Stampy Cat sets new Minecraft record for Gamer’s Edition 2019

Joseph Garrett, a.k.a Stampy Cat, is one Minecraft’s most well-known gamers and now he has two Guinness World Records titles to his name.

The 27-year-old has set a new record for the Fastest time to make and display 10 cakes in Minecraft (PC Edition) with a time of 3 minutes 51 seconds to go with his record for Most viewed Terraria video (9,593,008 views as of 24 April).

Stampy set his Minecraft record when he visited Guinness World Records’ London HQ on 3 April ahead of the launch of Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2019, a book that features records from games such as Dragon Ball FighterZ,Fortnite and FIFA, and for which he has also written the introduction.

StampyCat – Fastest Time to Make 10 Cakes – article 2
After receiving his title for Fastest time to make and display 10 cakes in Minecraft, Stampy was delighted.

“It feels fantastic to be a Guinness World Records title holder! I grew up reading all of the books and it was always something I was aware of, and I never thought I would actually be in the book with my very own title.”
In his introduction, Stampy shares some of his favourite records from the book, as well as some of his thoughts about gaming and record-breaking.

But on the day of his record attempt, Guinness World Records talked to Stampy about his story and asked what compelled him to become a YouTube gamer and record-breaker!

StampyCat – Fastest Time to Make 10 Cakes-3
While Stampy now enjoys more than 9 million YouTube subscribers, and has racked up almost 7 billion (6,795,708,273) views, it took him a while to achieve success on the platform.

“I did YouTube for a really long time with almost no-one watching! The time people really started watching was when I started doing Minecraft videos. People must have liked something that I was doing because a lot of people started watching,” he said.

The origins of Stampy’s channel stemmed from his creativity and desire to make and edit videos.
“When I first started doing my YouTube videos they were actually a bunch of videos I’d made; just little animations, short films with my friends at school. I was making YouTube videos before I had a YouTube channel – and then finally I had a place to share them!”

In fact, even the name, Stampy, came from one of his earliest creations.
“I decided to call myself Stampy because a really long time ago when I was at school I made an animation with a character called Stampy,” while the cat element to his name came from a skin he just never changed.

StampyCat – Fastest Time to Make 10 Cakes -article3

Stampy’s channel took off when he started creating Minecraft videos, just as the game was launch on the Xbox 360.

The game has grown rapidly, and holds the record titles for Fastest-selling Xbox Live Arcade videogame, Best-selling videogame on non-console formats, Highest grossing indie videogame, and Most wins of the Children’s BAFTA “Kids’ Vote” award for a videogame.

But what can Minecraft attribute its phenomenal success to?

Stampy believes it’s a combination of accessibility and diversity within its virtual world.

“I think the reason why Minecraft has become so popular and stayed so popular for so long is basically because it’s a platform that you can do whatever you want in.

“A lot of people say ‘aren’t you bored with Minecraft?’ and it’s like saying ‘aren’t you bored of drawing – or writing?’ It doesn’t really matter what you’re using, you’re always doing something new.”

Stampy Cat with Gamer’s Edition Editor Mike Plant
Stampy Cat with Gamer’s Edition Editor Mike Plant

After seven years and hundreds of videos on YouTube, Stampy still likes to seek out something new to do with the game to keep his subscribers entertained.

“I keep myself motivated by always trying to do something new, and then, when I do do something new, seeing the reactions and the comments from everyone that watches my videos.”

Though Stampy spends the majority of his time on YouTube creating and managing his own content, he also tries to watch his other favourite gamers when he gets the chance.

“Along with a lot of other people I really like watching Ninja. I’m actually really big into Halo!”

One of Stampy’s main pieces of advice for breaking a record title is doing something you love and enjoy.

“If you want to break a record title, make sure you’re doing it in something that you enjoy. Don’t just look to the games that other people are competing in – look at what you love doing. If you’re enjoying yourself you’re not going to worry about all of the dedication you’re going to need to break your record title.”

If you want to try your hand at record breaking, take a look at our Minecraftreader challenges in Gamer’s, which come with instructions from fellow gamer Callum Knight, a.k.a SeaPeeKay.

Callum Knight, aka SeaPeeKay
Callum Knight, aka SeaPeeKay
It includes something for everyone, and covers all types of gaming from retro to virtual reality. Whether your thing is action RPGs, brawlers, strategy or shooters, you’ll find it in Gamer’s Edition 2019.

In the words of Stampy himself:

“We all share a love of gaming. This is the chance to celebrate the people that make gaming officially awesome!”
Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2019 is out now! Find out where you can buy your copy
gamers cover

Minecraft records up for grabs as gamer SeaPeeKay introduces brand new challenges

Minecraft fans can put their skills to the test with an exciting series of record attempts in Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2019.

The new book contains four reader challenges inviting people to attempt records for:

Fastest time to build a castle in Minecraft creative mode
Fastest time to build a rocket in Minecraft survival mode
Fastest time to build an igloo in Minecraft survival mode
Fastest time to saddle and stable 10 horses in Minecraft survival mode
Minecraft Reader Challenges 3

YouTuber Callum Knight, better known as SeaPeeKay, introduces the challenges in the book and has even set a benchmark time of 4 minutes 20 seconds for the castle record.

To help would-be record breakers, tutorial videos have been created for all four tasks along with explanations about how to register attempts.

You can find the tutorial for the Fastest time to build a castle in Minecraft creative mode while all others are on our dedicated Minecraft challenge page.

But that’s not all that’s featured in Gamer’s Edition 2019, which is packed with accomplishments games such as FIFA 18, Super Mario 2, Overwatch, Fortnite, Splatoon 2, The Legend of Zelda, Roblox, Dragon Ball FighterZ and many more.

Feel inspired after reading exclusive material featuring the likes of Ray “Stallion83” Cox, record holder for the Highest Xbox Gamerscore, or popular VR-dedicated YouTuber Nathaniel “Nathie” de Jong, and Joseph Garrett, aka Stampy Cat, who has written this year’s introduction.

Minecraft Reader Challenges

Find out which Monster Hunter: World beast is the largest, who the Most subscribed gaming YouTuber is, just how many players have been healed by one Overwatch gamer alone or how the Nintendo Gameboy originated, through colourful and insightful spreads.

“Gamer’s Edition 2019 is bursting with the latest, greatest records from the games you love to play,” said editor Mike Plant.

“From Stampy Cat’s cake-making Minecraft adventures to Ninja’s Twitch-streaming exploits in Fortnite, there’s always something new for gamers to discover. I hope you have as much fun reading Gamer’s Edition 2019 as I had editing it!”

Gaming platform Roblox may be the next Minecraft

For startup Roblox, it pays to play with digital toys.

After closing a $150 million round of series F funding, Roblox is now valued at $2.5 billion, the company said Wednesday.

This isn’t the first big valuation for an open world game platform geared for kids. In 2015, Microsoft bought Mojang, maker of popular kids’ game Minecraft, for $2.5 billion.

“We think of this in terms less of a big number and more in terms of an emerging category for human interaction and co-experience,” said David Baszucki, Roblox’s founder and CEO.

Roblox, which was founded in 2004, is a platform where you can create your own games or join ones others have made. Roblox’s avatars look a little like Lego minifigs. There are more than 70 million monthly users, and users log about 900 million hours of engagement each month, according to Roblox’s website.

The funding round was led by Greylock Partners and Tiger Global with Altos, Meritech and Index Ventures also participating. Baszucki said plans for the future are, as you might imagine, growth.

“Ultimately we have the vision of expanding to a world wide platform that allows kids from the US to go on field trips to China and adults around the world to make friends from different walks of life and people who have different life experiences,” he said, and “to really help create a future digital civil society.”

Combining ‘Fortnite’ and ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Is Easier Than You Think

Players looking to bring an innovative encounter to their next session of Dungeons & Dragons should look no further than one of the most popular video games out today.

At first glance, Dungeons & Dragons and Fortnite couldn’t be any further apart. One is a venerable tabletop RPG enjoying a renaissance due to the appeal of shared storytelling and streamlined rules. The other is a manic video game that combines crazy free-for-all action and combat with an addicting comic irreverence. However, I recently crafted an encounter in our home game that benefited from adding some Fortnite-esque rules into the mix.

A popular staple in Dungeons & Dragons is gladiatorial combat – either against rival teams of adventurers or against monsters. Gladiator matches are a good way for bruisers to test their might and also win some gold or fame along the way.

So – how does one turn a gladiator match into a Fortnite-esque battle royale? Well, the chances are that your D&D group already has the irreverent “destroy everything and laugh along the way” mindset needed to succeed in Fortnite, so you just need to bring in the shrinking battlefield into the encounter.

For my D&D/Fortnite mashup, I used a pretty typical coliseum type setup with only a handful of rules. There was only one winner (thus forcing all alliances to be temporary) and players couldn’t use divine magic, thus keeping clerics and druids from preventing bloody violence up with their healing spells or ability to transform into fire elementals.

The combat area itself was split into three rings, each of which had a handful of terrain options to provide cover and add a little bit of strategy to the mix. Participants could use the entire stadium at the start of the fight, but once about half of the participants were eliminated, the remaining warriors had a few seconds to enter the inner two rings or get hit with some nasty lightning damage – courtesy of some arcane runes around the edge of the coliseum. Eventually, players are forced into a small area of combat, forcing them to duke it out (or to try to push their opponents into the deadly lightning circling the ring.)

You can also spice up the encounter by introducing rivals or setting up future encounters. My home game’s battle royale had been teased via town criers and idle gossip for months, and the players recognized many of the other participants, including some old friends and the monk’s friendly rival…who was created just to incentivize the players into entering.

I kept my Fortnite encounter rather simple and wrapped it up in a single night, but adventurous DMs can turn it into an extended storyline. Maybe players are stripped of their magic items and dropped onto a remote island, where they have to rely on their scavenging and tracking skills to survive. Or maybe players can form small teams, thus preventing a PvP battle (and hurt feelings) at the end of the battle royale. There’s plenty of ways to port Fortnite into Dungeons & Dragons, and chances are you’ll get a few laughs when players realize what’s happening.

How have you used video games to enhance your D&D game? Let us know in the comment section or shoot me a tweet at @CHofferCBus on Twitter!

‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Trailer Reveals Black Cat

A new Marvel’s Spider-Man trailer just dropped, giving us our first look at Black Cat (Felicia Hardy). Black Cat will serve as the main focus of part one of The City That Never Sleeps DLC. This chapter is called “The Heist,” and for those of you who know Black Cat, you know exactly why. Check out the teaser above!

Spider-Man and Black Cat have a long and complicated history, and presently we’re not sure exactly where they stand in this new canon that Insomniac has created. She is apparently still the anti-hero that we all know and love, but what does Spider-Man think of her? Do they still have any kind of romantic tension between them? Could that serve as a point of conflict between Peter and Mary Jane?
And just what is Black Cat after? The title of this DLC chapter is “The Heist,” so we know that Black Cat will be stealing something, we just don’t know what. There are plenty of major powers at play in this game world. Fisk is a hyper-powerful jailbird with a chip on his shoulder, and plenty of power at his disposal. Osborn is a power-hungry politician willing to do whatever it takes to secure a third term. Martin Li is a dangerous man leading an impossible double-life. They all have their motives, and they all have things that are precious to them. What, or who, is Black Cat after?

These are all questions that will be answered before long. Marvel’s Spider-Man swings onto PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro on September 7, which will give you guys a little over a month to power through the main story and prepare for all of this delicious extra content. The Heist is set to drop on October 23, and two more DLC chapters will be launching in November and December to complete The City That Never Sleeps.

In the meantime, you guys have our review to look forward to. We’ve played and beaten Marvel’s Spider-Man, and we’ll be telling you everything you need to know about it tomorrow as part of our review. Make sure you bookmark ComicBook.com/gaming, and check back tomorrow to read our full review. We have so much to say about this game, and you’re going to want to read it all before you jump in at the end of the week. Stay tuned!

This Realistic City Made In Minecraft Has Us Astonished

Minecraft, despite having been out for almost a decade now, continues to prove that the creatively driven title has a lot of life left it. The community is strong and never ceases to amaze with their amazing creations in-game. From epic crossovers, to just incredible innovation – the sky is the limit for these block creators and this recent Reddit post proves just that.

The building mechanics in this game are really limitless. For those that bypass the Survival mode and go right into the Creative one, it is a nice outlet for letting that inner artist shine. With the easy to use building mechanics and the incredibly soothing soundtrack, it’s really no wonder that so many still tank an impressive amount of hours into this game.

Posts like this always make me incredibly happy because you can just imagine the level of pride the creators are feeling with it. I can’t even seem to build a one-level house with four solid walls, so seeing entire realities coming to life is absolutely astounding to me.

Now that the “Build It Together” update is live, it’s even easier to create entire worlds. Excited to squad up with friends and family? Here’s what you can experience together with this expansive update:

“Explore randomly generated worlds and build amazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off the dangerous mobs.”

Minecraft Marketplace
For the first time, skins, textures, and worlds designed by the community are available in the store. Buy once and enjoy across Xbox, Windows 10 and mobile devices!* (and soon, the Switch)
Endless exploration
Create and explore your very own world where the only limit is what you can imagine.
Build almost anything
Crafting has never been faster, easier or more fun!
Co-op play
Play with up to four players in split screen for free, or invite hundreds of friends to a massive gameplay server or your own private Realm!

‘Minecraft’ add-on gives gamers taste of climate change side effects

A “Minecraft” add-on, or game mod, added climate-change weather effects to show gamers negative impacts similar to the real world.

The aptly named “GlobalWarming” game mod, made by developer Nick Porillo, attempts to simulate the real-world effects of climate change into “Minecraft” as a way to educate gamers about caring for the environment, reports Motherboard.

The game mod added several concepts into “Minecraft” such as the idea of rising carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the game’s atmosphere. Things like smoke from burning, cooking or smelting ores would increase CO2 levels and trigger various weather phenomena. Some of these weather changes can also be observed in the real world.

Porillo got inspiration from a course on climate-change science, technology and policy last spring at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

“[The course] really educated me on the topics at hand. Last week I was just playing the new Minecraft 1.13 update after a multi-year hiatus from Minecraft. I was shocked at how much things have changed, and the ocean biomes updates really introduced the ability to make this idea happen,” said Porillo.

He added, “The (Minecraft) community believes there is potential educational benefit, so I’ve been working on developing cool ideas to make the gameplay fun and informational.”

Not all is doom and gloom for the game add-on. Players who install the “GlobalWarming” may also practice saving the environment by planting trees and other activities to offset in-game emissions. This in turn will help stop environmental damage on a large scale.

Apple is going to war with Google for dominance in US classrooms

Google dominates US classrooms with its affordable laptops and free apps like Google Docs. Now Apple appears to be getting serious about recovering some share of the education market.

Apple executives announced their latest education products at a Chicago high-school auditorium today (March 27) to an audience of journalists, analysts, educators, and students. The hour-long event had little new hardware on show. “We believe iPad is best at engaging students,” a company representative said onstage. But it’s not clear that its latest offerings would put a serious damper on Google and its partners’ education sales.

Here’s a quick rundown of everything Apple announced.

A new iPad
Apple revamped its 9.7-inch iPad that supports Apple’s stylus, the Pencil. It features just about everything you’d expect on a tablet of its ilk, including a Retina HD display, an 8-megapixel camera, Apple’s A10 processor, which was first seen in the iPhone 7, a TouchID fingerprint scanner (no FaceID sensors like on the new iPhone X), and a front-facing camera for selfie-taking and Skyping.

Everything the new iPad has on board.
Unlike the more expensive iPad Pro (which starts at $649), this iPad does not support Apple’s Smart Keyboard case. Apple also did not reduce the price of its Pencil stylus (which is still $99), but did announce that Logitech is making a stylus called the Crayon which will work with iPads, and starts at $49.

The new iPads start at $329 for a 32GB model. Apple said that teachers and schools will be able to get them for a discounted rate of $299. It comes in gold, silver, and grey. Sadly, no rose gold.

New software
iWork updates. Apple announced a new suit of iWork apps with tons of updates for schools. It focused mostly on the new version of Pages, where teachers can make textbooks for their students directly on an iPad, as well as mark up documents using an Apple Pencil. Students can collaborate on editing projects together in class over wifi, much like they’ve been able to on Google Docs for years.

The new iPad, running Pages.
Minor apps get minor updates. GarageBand, Apple’s music-making app, got minor refreshes, including a royalty-free sound library for class presentations. Clips, Apple’s Snapchat-like video app, got new Apple-designed posters and animations that make it easier for students to make mini-presentations on the fly.

Schoolwork. Apple released a new app for teachers to keep track of their students, and basically make digital handouts for homework as easily as they can write an email. The app also lets teachers assign specific tasks to students within educational apps and see how well they’re progressing. Obliquely referencing issues in the news right now, Apple harped on the fact that the data in this app is private, seen only by the student and teachers involved. The app will launch in June.

More storage. Apple announced that all iCloud accounts associated with a school will now get 200GB free cloud storage, a massive boost over the 5GB it previously offered. It didn’t extend this offer to those who have graduated, and it’s worth noting that Microsoft Office 365 subscribers get 1TB of free data.

Everyone Can Create. Apple said that it will soon launch a new curriculum, focused on how the iPad is a powerful creative tool for the classroom. It builds on the Everyone Can Code curriculum it previously launched to encourage students to learn to code.

Nothing else
Apple did not announce any updates to its low-cost laptops, including the MacBook Air, which many had been hoping for. It didn’t announce availability for AirPower, the wireless-charging mat it previewed back in September. It didn’t even introduce a new version of its Pencil.

There were no surprise reveals at this event, and it was true to its invitation, which said we would “hear creative new ideas for teachers and students.”

Is it enough?
The pricing structure effectively rules out the new iPad from being a true competitor to most Chromebooks. Despite what Apple would like us to believe, it is not that easy to type out a term paper on a touchscreen. The new iPad software (more on that below) will definitely make doing project work and taking notes at school far easier. But doing essays, browsing the web, and chatting with friends is a lot easier to do when you have a proper keyboard to type on, and you can easily type on the device on your lap or a table. What’s more, if you’re buying Apple’s new iPad and a Pencil, even with the school discount, the starting price is $398. Many Chromebooks are the same price or cheaper, and have touchscreens as well as full keyboards.

Then there’s the issue of whether schools that have already invested in Google’s suite of offerings would be willing to switch back for the sake of Apple’s new software and stylus capabilities. Then again, at least iPads have all of Google’s apps on them.

Perhaps there’s hope. While sitting in the school’s cafeteria after the event, one teacher spoke with her colleagues about the new iPad. ”It’s not like, revolutionary, but it’s way more helpful,” she said. “The stuff we’re asking for, they’re listening.”

Microsoft is bringing Minecraft: Education Edition to the iPad

Just before students head back to school, Microsoft is releasing its Minecraft: Education Edition for the iPad. The educational version of the popular block-builder game launched in 2016, and will be available for the iPad starting next month.

In March, Apple announced a cheaper iPad geared specifically toward teachers and students, in an effort to catch up to Google’s dominance of the education market. (Google’s Chromebooks have nearly 60% market share for education hardware in the US.)

The iPad version of Minecraft: Education Edition will also help Microsoft ride on Apple’s coattails into the classroom. Though Microsoft offers other educational software products like Microsoft 365—its productivity suite that includes apps like Powerpoint and Microsoft Word—this new release will help make education software more accessible, especially to younger students for whom Minecraft is already incredibly popular. Microsoft bought Minecraft developer Mojang for $2.5 billion in 2014.

Microsoft says Minecraft: Education Edition already has 35 million users in 115 countries, and given the new iPad version, those numbers will likely grow.

‘Minecraft’ mod fosters a collaborative effort against climate change

A Minecraft modder has added some fresh gameplay issues for players to deal with in the form of climate change. Nick Porillo’s GlobalWarming mod alters the atmosphere based on certain actions like smelting ores. Temperatures will rise as carbon emissions increase, leading to violent storms, forest fires and a drop in snowfall levels as climate change takes hold.

You can combat the changes in the atmosphere by planting trees to absorb carbon dioxide. To combat the issue on a larger scale, you can purchase carbon offsets, which gives other players a tree-planting bounty to complete — that reflects one of the mod’s themes of working together to fight climate change.

“If the majority of players don’t agree to be near-carbon-neutral in how they play, then the carbon score will only continue to rise in-game. Once the damage negatively impacts the players, they will begin paying back that ‘debt’ they accrued,” Porillo told Motherboard. “The idea is if the players put a little more effort in from the start to not emit a ton, then they can entirely avoid the price to be paid later.”

He plans to add more features, such as a scorecard that lets you see who the least carbon-neutral players are, finding out your own carbon footprint and adding methane as a second greenhouse gas. The mod works with Minecraft’s Server Java Edition and you can download it from GitHub.

The ‘Minecraft’ Movie Suffers A Delay As It Loses Its Director

Director and co-writer Rob McElhenney is no longer working on Warner Bros.’s film adaptation of “Minecraft,” according to The Wrap.

The “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” star was picked to direct the film in 2015, but now it’s not happening, he recently told The Wrap. Warner reportedly asked the writer/director duo of Adam and Aaron Nee to write a new script. “Wonder Woman” scribe Jason Fuchs wrote the previous draft with McElhenney. The Nee brothers are best known for “The Last Romantic” (2006) and “Band of Robbers” (2015). They’re also directing the upcoming “Masters of the Universe” film.

McElhenney is the second director to leave the project. Originally, “Night at the Museum” director Shawn Levy and writers Kieran Mulroney and Michele Mulroney were brought in to work on the film, but they left in 2014 after reportedly presenting new ideas to the studio that didn’t mesh with what Mojang was looking for. Levy is now supposedly working on the upcoming “Uncharted” film starring Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake.

The “Minecraft” film’s release date will be pushed back because of the shakeup, The Wrap reports. It was originally scheduled to come out on May 24, 2019.

“Minecraft” is a sandbox building game created by Markus Persson and later developed by Swedish developer Mojang. It launched in 2011 and is now the second best-selling video game of all time behind “Tetris,” with over 144 million copies sold across multiple platforms. Persson sold Mojang and “Minecraft” to Microsoft in 2014 for $2.5 billion.

Steve Carell is expected to star in the movie. Warner Bros. acquired the film rights to the franchise from Mojang. Roy Lee is producing it through his Vertigo Entertainment production company with Jill Messick.

June 2018’s top 10 Minecraft Marketplace creations: Enter the Summer Sale (correction)

The Minecraft Marketplace is about to get the followup on a serious 1-2 punch that could boost creator’s revenues and downloads through the end of July. The Minecraft Team at Microsoft launched the first Minecraft Summer Sale today. As part of this event, most of the content on the Marketplace is getting a steep discount.

While the Summer Sale may get fans downloading more content this month, last month it was the Nintendo Switch that helped fuel sales. The Minecraft Marketplace had 396,511 downloads in June, which is up from 285,816 in April. With the Marketplace hitting Switch for the first time beginning June 26, it’s likely that Nintendo’s platform contributed significantly to that total. You can see past results by tracking the Minecraft Marketplace sales charts here.

But now that Switch is integrated into the Minecraft platform, developers can focus on making their content and the Summer Sale. Some, like Gamemode One founder Sean Davidson, thinks discounts are exactly what some players are waiting for before they spend their money on Minecraft microtransactions.

“We hope and expect that the Minecraft Summer Sale will increase player accessibility to content and potentially drive increased traffic over the remainder of the year,” said Davidson. “Access to products at a discounted rate is a great way to give players and buyers on the fence a chance to see what the Marketplace has to offer.”

Developer Imagiverse has even spent the last few weeks preparing its Lapis Lagoon waterpark map for the sale (it’s already out). This update will roll out to everyone who owns it, and Imagiverse wants positive word-of-mouth to help it perform well in the sale.

“We focused on making sure Lapis Lagoon was going to give the player the best possible waterpark experience they could have in-game,” a spokesperson for Imagiverse explained in a note to GamesBeat. “Old and new players alike will appreciate the work we put into the map getting it ready for the sale.”

Let’s do the charts. Here are the 10 most downloaded pieces of content from the Minecraft Marketplace for June 2018:

Click to view slideshow.
Here it is in list form:

City Life
Mineville Highschool
Dinosaur Park
Dinosaur Island
Monsters of the Deep
Wildlife: Savanna
Mutant Battle Arena
Prison Escape
Lucky Block Escape
And here are the 10 highest-grossing pieces of content for June 2018:

Click to view slideshow.

City Life
Dinosaur Park
Dinosaur Island
Monsters of the Deep
Wildlife: Savanna
Mutant Battle Arena
Mineville Highschool
Super Racers
Lucky Block Escape
Next month, we’ll get to see how the Summer Sale affects the charts. This is a big chance for Marketplace partners, and it could turn into one of the biggest months for the Minecraft store so far.

Correction, 12:14 p.m.: Sean Davidson’s name was misspelled as Sean David in the original article. We have corrected the error, and we apologize.

July 2018’s top 10 Minecraft Marketplace creations: Prison Escape leads summer success

The Minecraft Team at Microsoft has landed a major combination with its first Summer Sale and the launch of the Minecraft Marketplace on the Nintendo Switch. Those big moves have led to a growth spurt for the block-building game’s content store, which served up a massive 669,795 downloads in July. That’s up from 396,511 downloads in June, which was already impressive on its own. The Minecraft Team doesn’t share how much money the Marketplace generates each month, but most creations sell for around $1-to-$5. At a hypothetical average of $2 per download, the store could have generated more than $1 million in sales last month.

Minecraft’s Marketplace Summer Sale began July 19 and through the end of the month. The game’s development team worked with its partners, many of whom are small third-party content creators, to discount their Marketplace products by as much as 50 percent. That fueled intense interest from fans who wanted to get the most bang for their buck.

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This reveals that many fans are aware of the Minecraft Marketplace and think about using it regularly, but they want to hold off for better prices. That’s something that Mojang, the studio responsible for Minecraft, and Marketplace creators can take advantage of.

But enough of all that, let’s get to the charts.

Top 10 most downloaded
4. City Life 4. City Life
Here it is in list form:

Kingdom Survival
Millionaire Mansions
Mineville High School
City Life
Castles & Dragons
Dinosaur Park
Isles of Aloha
Spring Mini-Games Festival
Dinosaur Island
Prison Escape
Top 10 highest grossing
4. Dinosaur Park 4. Dinosaur Park
Here it is in list form:

Millionaire Mansions
City Life
Castles & Dragons
Dinosaur Park
Mineville High School
Dinosaur Island
Wildlife: Savanna
Chroma Hills
Dwarven Mining Company
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Minecraft event planned in Schaumburg

Minefaire: The Ultimate Minecraft Experience event is coming to the Schaumburg Convention Center Saturday, Sept. 8 and Sunday, Sept. 9.

Between 12,000 to 15,000 attendees are expected to attend the event involving one of the most popular video games.

Minefaire is the brain child of two fathers who realized they needed to bridge the gap between children who love Minecraft, and parents who may not fully understand the game and its educational aspects.

“Minecraft was the ‘go-to’ activity for my four kids before dinner, and I realized how much the game was teaching them about topics like agriculture, history, geology and architecture — all without their feeling like they were being ‘taught,'” says Minefaire Co-Founder Gabe Young. “Kids at Minefaire get to grab their parents by the hand and say, ‘Look what I’m doing.’ As parents, we then have the chance to better understand our children and guide them.”

Minecraft is a virtual game where you build new worlds, block by block, by mining the resources you find and crafting them into structures that might include staircases, mazes and amusement parks. For more information or to purchase tickets, go to Minefaire.com.

Check Out This Fictional Japanese City Made In Minecraft.

Ever since the release of Minecraft seven years ago, players from young kids to full-grown adults have been incredibly creative in customizing the game’s world. However, nothing beats this realistic creation of Sayama City, which is a fictional Japanese city made entirely in the game.

At first glance, images of Sayama City can easily fool people that they are looking at actual real-life photos, which goes to show how detailed and realistic this Minecraft city is. The images were uploaded by a Twitter account named Sayama_City (via Kotaku), which has been uploading pictures of the project since 2015. Given all the attention that the fictional city is getting right now, it is expected that the creators of Sayama will upload more updates soon.

Check out the images of the project below by Twitter user Sayama_City:

What do you think of this fantastic Minecraft city?

Check out link: http://gametyrant.com/news/check-out-this-fictional-japanese-city-made-in-minecraft

Minecraft for Nintendo Switch topped charts in Japan last week

Minecraft is a worldwide sensation which has sold millions upon millions of copies to date. The game is available on everything from desktops to mobile phones. A few years ago, Microsoft purchased the game from its creators and has since greatly expanded its scope. However, when it comes to games, the company has always struggled in the Japanese market. With Minecraft though, it seems like that’s changing.

According to a report in Nintendo Life, Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition sold 25,948 copies last week. So far, it’s sold over 212,170 units to date. Minecraft on Nintendo Switch beat games like Splatoon 2 and Mario Tennis Aces.

Minecraft on Switch was the #1 best-seller on the gaming charts in Japan last week. WOOT! https://t.co/qtP2xwewsj

— Aubrey Norris (@Chupacaubrey) August 24, 2018
A few weeks ago, Minecraft on Nintendo Switch was updated to the “Bedrock” edition. This allows players to access a lot of new features and play with gamers on other platforms like Xbox One and Windows 10. If you already bought the old version on Nintendo Switch, you can download it for free. Sony still doesn’t support cross-play so the Bedrock version isn’t available on PlayStation 4.

Hopefully Microsoft’s success with Minecraft will result in more visibility for the company in the country. If you look at console sales figures, the Xbox One only sells a dozen or so units each week. Maybe if there were more Microsoft experiences like Minecraft that appealed to Japanese gamers, it would be a boost for the company’s console ambitions.

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This Isn’t A Photo Of Japan, But A City Made In Minecraft

You are looking at Sayama City, a Minecraft-made fictional Japanese city with echoes of Osaka, Tokyo and more.

It’s like a photo.

Check out the detail.

The project’s official Twitter has been updating since 2015. Expect more jaw-dropping updates in the future.

You’re Not Dreaming, Mario Pikachu Is Officially A Thing Now

Super Mario and Pikachu are two of the most recognisable characters on the planet, but you know what’s better than both of these individuals? Mario Pikachu, that’s what.

No, you’re not dreaming. All of these images are real. Mario Pikachu isn’t a figment of your addled imagination, strained from hours of watching Nintendo Switch footage for clues about touchscreens and expandable storage. This is reality, my friends. It exists in the real world. It is, to put it bluntly, “a thing”.

The range – which is real, don’t forget – includes plush toys, playing cards, shirts, notepads and even a 3DS shell. Sweet Lord above.

Pokémon centers in Japan will be selling all of the merchandise shown on this page from October 29th. We’re seriously considering a trip to the Far East just to make sure this isn’t some elaborate joke designed to toy with our fragile minds.