Interactive ‘Minecraft' adventure is now available on Netflix

When developer Telltale Games laid off most of its staff in September, it temporarily retained a skeleton crew to finish up work on a Netflix version of Minecraft: Story Mode. The first three episodes of the “interactive adventure” are now available on the streaming platform.

The adaptation is not so much a fully-fledged game as a choose-your-own-adventure experience — you don't actually move protagonist Jesse around, for instance. Instead, you're occasionally given choices on how to move the story forward. The series starts with a character named Petra guiding you through a brief tutorial before asking whether you'd like to play as a male or female version of Jesse.

The final two episodes of the season will drop December 5th. It's not clear, however, whether the second season of the game will be adapted for Netflix.

You can check out Minecraft: Story Mode on Netflix on iOS, smart TVs, consoles and computers. If you'd like to experience it on an Android device, however, you'll need to grab the Minecraft: Story Mode app.

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Google makes it easier to pair Bluetooth headphones to all your Android devices

Bluetooth headphones sound a lot better than they did a few years ago, but they’re still generally a pain in the butt to pair to multiple devices. Relatively few headphones allow you to be paired multiple devices, and even then, you still have to go through the pairing process with each new device.

Apple is the only company that’s really simplified the multi-device pairing process, tieing Bluetooth headphones with its W1 chip to your Apple ID, and allowing them to automatically work across your Apple devices – and only your Apple devices. Now Google is taking a page out of Apple’s book, implementing similar functionality on Android devices, with Chromebooks soon to follow.

According to Google, accessories that have implemented the company’s Fast Pair protocol will be tied to your account and be able to work on any of your current devices running Android 6.0 or higher. Support for Chromebooks is coming in 2019.

Fast Pair devices are still pretty rare, but naturally, Google says it’s working to implement the protocol on more headphones, citing Jaybird, Anker, and Bose in particular.

Of course, the new pairing abilities won’t solve all your Bluetooth woes, as you won’t be able to sync the headphones to your PC or Mac; I assume more people will want to sync headphones between their laptop and phone than between multiple Android devices.

Still, it’s a step forward. Who knows, maybe one day Bluetooth headphones will actually be as convenient as every company wants you to believe.

Fast Pair Update on Google

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Trial Version for Minecraft Available to Download for Android

Minecraft has been available for Android since 2011 when the Pocket Edition was launched. A demo version was also available until 2013 when it was removed. After 5 year Mojang has decided to offer Android users another chance to try the world-famous game. A new demo named Minecraft Trial has recently surfaced on the Play Store.

It appears that the app is only available in a few countries as a soft-launch is currently taking place. US users can’t download the trial for now but the situation will certainly change in the following months.

Demos for the other platforms have been available for years. The PC edition has two demos, one in the form of the JAVA edition, which is available since 2012 and the newer Bedrock version which can be found on the Microsoft Store but only Windows 10 users can access the app.

The Android trial version only offers a limited experience. Users that download the app are limited to the survival mode and there is a time limit. Even with the limitations the app still offers you plenty of time in order to decide if you want to pay for the full version.

Mojang did take their time before releasing a new Android demo but the trial has already attracted a large number of users. Most developers that offer paid apps won’t offer a trial and some of the reviews received by the Minecraft trial may justify their lack of enthusiasm. The top reviews beg for the game to go completely free, a scenario that is not likely to happen without the introduction of free-to-play transactions that are prone to become controversial.

Truth to be told, Mojang weren’t obliged to release a trial version and some of the reviews are actually thankful, as some users note that they will buy the paid version. Hopefully, this will encourage other developers to offer free trials or demos instead of forcing you to full price and then go through a refund process if you decide that you don’t like the game.

Nintendo Pursuing ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Leaks On YouTube, Shutting Down Channels

So by now, you may have heard about how a few lucky gamers have managed to already get their hands on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, thanks to some retailers in Mexico selling retail copies two weeks prior to release. But that’s also created an interesting conundrum for gamers, as several people have begun leaking out details about the game, including the World of Light story details, soundtrack samples and more.

Super Smash
While some fans are excited for what’s to come, others are angry about being spoiled about what Ultimate will be offering — particularly Nintendo. And as you may have learned from the past, to anger Nintendo is not a wise thing. Not in the least.

Reports are pouring in from last night that the company has begun hunting down Smash-related content online, striking streams and videos alike with copyright claims and forcing their removal. In fact, two popular channels appear to have been taken down, mainly because users were actively spoiling the game with soundtrack samples and story clips.

Crunchii and Dystifyzer, two popular YouTubers with over 70,000 subscribers apiece, found their channels shut down due to leaks of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate content. As a result, the channels will likely be taken down permanently sometime over the next week, even with the content already removed. And Nintendo isn’t done yet, as it’s hitting dozens of other videos with similar strikes. They are not messing around.

Reports indicate that both of these channels were hit with over 20-plus copyright strikes, making them severe issues for YouTube.

Crunchii, who goes by the name Crunchiitastic on Twitter, has argued against Nintendo’s practice on Twitter. You can see a sample of his rant below.

Stealth, a Nintendophile that consistently posts observant notes about the company on Twitter, also passed along the following note:

· 16h
This is the Nintendo Anti-Piracy site that should be used for reporting the piracy activities surrounding Smash Bros. Ultimate.

View image on Twitter

Dystifyzer's youtube channel with all the Smash Ultimate Music got hit like Crunchii's did. Two 70k+ subscribed channels obliterated.

10:27 PM – Nov 25, 2018
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This has left some interesting feelings in the gaming community. On the one hand, some believe Nintendo acted too harshly against these creators; while others believe they “deserve” what they got for spoiling the game days out from its release. What do you think?

If you’ve got an early copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, your best bet is to just enjoy it with you and your friends and try not to spoil it with others online. Just appreciate what you have, yeah?

The rest of us will experience Super Smash Bros. Ultimate when it arrives on December 7 for Nintendo Switch.

‘Kingdom Hearts 3' Getting New Trailer, DLC Reveal During Amazon Cyber Monday

Tomorrow is going to be all about Cyber Monday, and finding a number of bargains for games and systems you may have missed out on during Black Friday. But it also looks like a huge opportunity for Amazon, as the online retailer is reportedly preparing some kind of reveal for Kingdom Hearts III to tie in with its savings.

Kingdom Hearts
The report comes from KHInsider, who tweeted out that the company will be showcasing some exclusive Kingdom Hearts content starting tomorrow, November 26, during Cyber Monday. The reveal is set to take place around 1 PM Pacific time during a special livestream, in which we’ll see a new trailer for the game, along with an exclusive downloadable content announcement. You can see the tweet for yourself below.

It’s unknown just what this DLC could be, although bonus characters and possibly even a new world to explore could be introduced. The announcement also hints at a potential Twitch Prime exclusive, with a new set out of outfits likely to be revealed for subscribers to the monthly service.

Hype for the long-awaited sequel has been building like crazy over the past few months, with reveals of worlds based on Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Tangled and, as of recent, Big Hero 6, along with the news that the game has officially gone gold, which means no more delays in getting it into our hands. No doubt this latest announcement should keep gamers happy, although we’re likely to see even more from the game in the weeks ahead, leading to its arrival early next year.

We’ll break down whatever news comes from the livestream as soon as it becomes available, as well as whatever benefit comes from being a Twitch Prime subscriber. Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait.

Kingdom Hearts III releases on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on January 29, 2019.

‘Minecraft' Player's ‘Fortnite' Timelapse of Retail Row Is Incredibly Satisfying

A Minecraft player has transported Fortnite’s Retail Row into the blocky game buy building a faithful recreation of that portion of the battle royale game’s map.

The YouTuber by the name of SeanBits created the video above that’s super satisfying to watch if you’re a fan of dropping at Retail Row or if you just want to watch a relaxing timelapse where everything comes together. With some smooth editing and a foundation that’s free of any extra objects or structures to detract from Retail Row, the video that’s just over 5 minutes and 30 seconds shows how the entirety of Retail Row was created in Fortnite.

A map that appears in the top-right corner every now and then moves as different part of the battle royale map’s areas are worked on, so Fortnite players who know the drop spot well can follow along there. SeanBits’ narration also names off each of the buildings that are often called different things by players. His timelapse concludes about halfway through the video where he adds some cars and trees while coloring in parts of the terrain with different objects. After that, a peaceful walkthrough of Retail Row shows how it all came together and what it looks like during the night and day, rain or shine.

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

Sean Smith
Finally Got around to making another Fortnite Build, this time it is Retail Row

🔨Built on: @BuildersRefuge
📷Render by me: @SeanBitss

Video Link:

10:00 PM – Nov 24, 2018
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For any Minecraft player who’s impressed by the creation and wanted to give it a go themselves, the Retail Row creator shared some information on the mods and packs he used in his game when creating part of the battle royale map. With the Replay Mod to capture the footage and the Better Foliage Mod to improve the foliage, the only other change was the BSL Shaders shader pack he used. He also answered ahead of any questions within the comments to say that the entire project took him around 7 hours to complete. The builder included a link to a free download for the creation within the video’s description for anyone who doesn’t feel like putting in the work themselves.

SeanBits has more videos like this in his channel where he created different parts of Fortnite’s map and other recognizable structures in Minecraft. Many people who subscribed to his channel likely saw one of his creations shared months ago where he put Tilted Towers in Minecraft with a similar timelapse and said he planned on creating a series where he worked through different parts of Fortnite’s map.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus combat guide: how to beat the Necrons

Unsurprisingly for a game set in perpetual grimdarkness, Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus is a tough old turn-based strategy. It casts you as the titular Adeptus Mechanicus, a faction of humans from Mars who worship technology so obsessively that people who camp overnight outside the Apple store for the latest iPhone come off as mere part-timers by comparison.

It’s their first ever appearance in a game, but you’ll grow to love their charming eccentricities. The Adeptus Mechanicus, you see, have transcended squishy human form to become one with wires and metal and weird beeps and boops. They subscribe to a creed that states: ‘There is no truth in flesh, only betrayal’, and name their babies things like ‘Cog Boy’ and ‘Shiny Bob’. Allegedly.

That zealotry has earned them no shortage of enemies. In this case that’s the Necrons, an ancient race of skeletal robots fighting to reclaim the galaxy from younger upstarts. Upstarts like the Mechanicus.

We’re going to show you how best to boss them on the battlefield, dominate their Xenos dungeons, and ultimately embrace the purity of steel. Lovely, laser-resistant steel.

As robots made of living metal, Necron units are exceedingly hard to destroy. Deplete their health bar and they’ll reassemble themselves using their in-built Reanimation Protocol, popping back up and fighting on with dismembered limbs and gaping wounds fully healed. There is a way to see them off for good, however, and that’s by striking them during this Reanimation Protocol.

You’ve got several turns in which to do this, depending on the type of unit you’re facing, so use the window of opportunity wisely and kick ‘em while they’re down. Of course, the Necrons never really die. They just teleport to safety. But for all intents and purposes they’re gone and you won’t have to deal with their creepy weirdness for the rest of the skirmish.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

All weapons have what’s known as a ‘machine spirit’. Think of them like temperamental toddlers, each with different personalities. Of course, weapons always fire as intended, so there are no nasty surprises there. It’s not like you’re going to come home and find your shotgun’s drawn on your walls in crayon. It’s more that, when the machine spirit is charged, they’ll give you a nice little buff. A buff that says, ‘hey, thanks for caring about me. Here’s a present’.

These presents range from increased damage, say, or area-of-effect for that specific weapon. Way better than what toddlers give you, which is very often crying. Every weapon has its own machine spirit, and with it, its own distinct perk. Thanks, Machine God. We could never be mad at you. Because that would be heresy.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

The Xenos tombs in Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus hide many secrets. Your quickest method of understanding them is by holding down the spacebar. This lets you enter something called the Noospheric view, showing the world as it looks to your Tech-Priests. HP, physical armour, and energy armour statistics are represented here, so you can then decide what weapon types work best in defeating your chrome-domed opponents.

Before you can do that , though, you’ll need to scan each enemy with your Servo-Skull. Each Tech-Priest has their own personal bone butler, and using them to discover enemy stats, or go off on pilgrimages to gather vital cognition points, is free. They’re easy to overlook when you’re busy brawling with a squad of space Terminators, but don’t neglect your skully companion.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

Not only do you not use cover in Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus – you can’t use cover, because it doesn’t exist. This will naturally make you feel awfully exposed at first, but forget waist-high walls were ever a thing and plan accordingly. For instance, some units wield long-range weapons that can strike from distance, so keep these units as far back as you can.

Close the gap and you’ll be able to whip out your melee weapon. The first unit to retreat from melee combat gives the other an ‘Opportunity Attack’, which is essentially a free hit, so make sure you only commit to the hand-to-hand stuff only when you’re ready to end the fight. This makes Mechanicus a game about managing distances.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

Death isn’t the end of the world in this game. At least, not for you. Throughout the course of a match you’ll get minions called Servitors to control, provided you’ve brought some along with you and have enough cognition points to use them. You don’t have to treasure them as you would the rest of your team, who carry their war wounds with them post-fight.

Instead, use Servitors as part of a suicidal strategy by throwing them into the meat grinder and giving their pointless lives some meaning. They love it. Teleport them straight onto the battlefield with cognition points, flank opponents, or use them as bait. When they die, you even get a cognition point back. Thank you for your service, Servitors.

Microsoft is using Minecraft to help redesign its 500-acre campus

Over the past decade, people have built an awful lot in Minecraft. From regal European palaces to the towering cities of Middle-Earth, the community has poured hours upon hours of time into the most life-like recreations they can manage. But until now, those creations have rarely transferred over into the real world.

Not long ago, Microsoft began putting together plans to expand their headquarters in Redmond, Washington. The building work is expected to be finished in 2022, but the company isn’t planning to go down a particularly traditional route as it plans the layout of its new home.

According to CNBC, Microsoft has hired Blockworks, a company that uses Microsoft to develop real-world projects, to create an interactive scale model of the new campus. Blockworks has previously worked on similar projects for Disney, Warner Bros, and the Museum of London. Back in July, the team put together a digital version of the new 500-acre campus, which will contain more than 100 buildings, as well as cricket and soccer pitches, and retail stores.

What that means is that those employees who want a sneak peek at their new campus – years ahead of schedule – can load into Blockworks’ recreation and wander around at their leisure. CNBC claims that the partnership began when a former member of Microsoft’s real estate team saw his son playing the game, and started considering how the game might be able to help the company with its move.

Of course, that decision was likely helped along by the fact that Microsoft already own Minecraft developer Mojang, making the partnership a little more of a no-brainer. Despite the size and scale of the project, Blockworks was able to have their model of the campus built within just a few weeks. If you want to check it out for yourself, you’ll need to own Minecraft, Education Edition, and then head here to download and explore the current version of the Redmond Campus – Microsoft says it’ll be updating the project over the next few years.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Comes With Innovative Features

Minecraft Pocket Edition enables you the possibility of dreaming about something and then the chance to build it. That’s what makes Minecraft Pocket Edition a game with endless possibilities because it really is a fun game which will allow you to build anything, anytime and anywhere.

By downloading and installing this game you will have a chance to step into a unique and magical world where the possibilities are without limits. You will turn your smartphone into a virtual construction site while you will use blocks to create wonderful masterpieces on the go. You can do all this while still being able to chat with your friends in parks or any place you find yourself.

Download this game to get the chance to explore bizarre new worlds and build just about everything that runs through your head – from the humblest of homes to the greatest of castles. You will see that there are basically two different modes to make the gameplay experience more fun and exciting than you ever thought it could be possible.

You can access the creative mode to play and learn how to use those unlimited resources in such a way that you will benefit the most. On the other hand we have the survival mode where you will have to mine deep into the world as you craft weapons and pieces of armoury which will help you with remaining protected from dangerous mobs.

A side note for the users of the Samsung Galaxy Tab who wish to play this game on their devices: if you encounter any problem with running Minecraft Pocket Edition, then you may need to update your Android system software version.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Update Available to Download: Improvements, Bug Fixes and More

Minecraft game that started small but managed to evolve and now it is one of the most popular ones. One of the reasons for its evolution is the fact that the team behind it makes sure that improvements are made constantly.

There are various Minecraft versions, and they can be played on multiple platforms. For many players the Pocket Edition is the best version, and a new update is now available for it.

The update
The latest update comes with the version number At the moment this update is available only as an APK (Android Package Kit), which means that only Android devices can get it at the moment. This update is quite big, weighing in at 88.54 MB, so you need to make sure that you have enough space for it. In order to install the update, you must have a phone running Android 4.2 X Jelly Bean or higher.

What does the update bring?
This update comes with great improvements. The team behind Minecraft Pocket Edition made sure that the bugs which made the game crash were fixed in this update. Additionally, improved software optimization is available in the latest version.

The update brings UI tweaks, but there is also a new skin pack for the power rangers and a new fallout mash-up pack. Therefore, you shouldn’t skip this update. Each update is designed to improve the gaming experience, so make sure that you keep your game up to date.

It is quite simple to download and install the APK, but you need to do it on your own. Just make sure that you enable “Unknown Sources” in the Settings panel so you can install it. You can find the APK available online.