Clash of Clans 10.134.17 Update Download Available – Improves Combat Stability and User Experience

When it comes to mobile games, there aren’t that many titles which can even compare with Clash of Clans. The developer who is in charge of Clash of Clans is constantly rolling out new updates which are filled with lots of in-game goodies such as new features, rewards and even content! In fact, a brand-new Clash of Clans update which changes the game’s version number to “10.134.17” is now available.

Clash of Clans 10.134.17 Update

The new update measures in at 98.6MB and it requires a minimum of Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system in order to work. As you can probably tell already, the new update is exclusive to Android smartphone owners and iOS fans will need to wait a little more until it becomes available for them too.

Bug Fixes and Software Improvements

Android fans should be happy to know that they are going to get their hands on this update ahead of everyone else because it comes with bug fixes and software improvements. While most people don’t pay that much attention to bug fixes and software improvements, they are the ones which make sure that Clash of Clans runs without any issues and that it never randomly crashes in the middle of combat.

Highlight Features

Now that we talked about the latest Clash of Clans update, let’s check out some of the game’s highlight features and see what it’s all about. First off, the game is free to play but readers shouldn’t think that the game is not of premium quality because of this.

Clash of Clans offers an awesome gaming experience where people get to build their own villages and then slowly, but surely transform them into unbeatable fortresses. In addition, Clash of Clans features different mods where players can fight against their foes and take their trophies.

Clash Royale June 2018 Major Update Download Available – New Cards, Troops, Emotes and Clan Wars Fixes

Supercell announced that Clash Royale is scheduled to receive a major update on June 5th, 2018. The game developer has made it a tradition to release massive updates during summer time and to make things even better, the new Clash Royale update will focus on adding more features, gameplay changes and to balance classes. With that being said, let’s check out what are the most important changes that the new update will bring.

Four New Cards

Even though Supercell doesn’t want to unveil any important details about the upcoming update, the Clash Royale community has strong reason to believe that four new cards are going to be introduced in June. In addition, dataminers managed to find some hints which point towards these new cards.

Clan War

Talking about balancing the game, Supercell is expected to add some important software tweaks to the Clan Wars game inside Clash Royale. The last time Clan Wars received an update was back in April and rumor has it that the game developer is looking to fix tie games and to give players more incentive to mix in different troops in order to create a diverse war deck.

Funny Emotes

If we take a look at what the Clash Royale community has to say about emotes, we will see that they are both hated and loved. Some people love them because they make it easier to express themselves while others hate emojis because trolls spam them in the chat and this can get annoying. Nonetheless, Supercell wants to expand the range of emojis Clash Royale offers and fans should be ready to see more funny emojis in the summer.

New Troops

Last but not least, a previously leaked picture showed that Supercell plans to introduce a new Elite Archer troop. The special thing about this troop is that it uses a crossbow, and this might make it more powerful than the normal Archer class that we all know and love.

Clash of Clans Latest Strategies to Destroy the Enemies

Whether you are a beginner or a professional player, the essence is advice on strategy. You don’t have to be a new player to learn, nor do you have to be an expert and to know everything. Crashing your enemies on your next mission will be easier with these quick Clash of Clans tips, so the battlefield may be perfect.

Choose wise targets
When you go to attack, it’s very important to ask for as little resources as possible and to steal as many as possible in Clash of Clans. Theoretically, this would be possible to accomplish relatively comfortably with a few hordes of archers, barbarians and goblins. Practically, it becomes very difficult because of mortars, the most dangerous “splash” type of defensive that ravages in the hijacking hordes. The secret is that using Lightning Spell with 4+ upgrades, you can easily escape from level 4-5 mortars, providing a break in the direction of attack of predator hordes. The success of a farming raid is much more likely in this case, with minimal consumption of resources.

2. A strong army camp is a key
In general, you have a whole day before the war begins. During this waiting period, learn the battlefield, arrange the army and upgrade your air defense. If the walls are low, go for the battlefields. Pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the target group before launching an attack.

3. Understand the idea of losing
Probably you’ve met many players in the game who have the Town Hall exposed, unprotected by walls or other defensive means. You have probably thought that there is no reasonable reason to leave Town Hall exposed to vandals, especially since, if it is destroyed, the struggle is lost. Wrong. This is a smart way of losing and fast moving into the game.

There are several reasons, but most importantly, whenever someone attacks you and destroys you, you will get at least one shield for 12 hours. In this way, regardless of the value of the attack you receive, you assure a relatively permanent shield, which in fact leads to the protection of the production of resources (elixir, gold), thus to development. Use this to create your advantage. Surround the Town Hall with traps (bombs, hoods, and tesla), discouraging the attack plan from the start.

Is GTA 6 Going to be Different From its Predecessors?

GTA 5 has been a standout amongst the best games ever, and now, the same (or considerably more) is anticipated from its successor, the GTA 6. It is relied upon to be unique in relation to the past adaptations from multiple points of view, and ideally, it will satisfy the monstrous desires that have been developed by the past titles.

A standout amongst the most anticipated and expected changes in the Grand Theft Auto 6 is the introduction of a female hero as opposed to the typical all solid male saints in the course of the last five titles, like the trio formed of Franklin, Trevor and Michael from GTA 5, Carl “CJ” Johnson from GTA San Andreas or Niko from GTA 4.

We’ll get a strong female character
Rockstar hasn’t presented any strong female character since Catalina from GTA 3. Likewise, the engineer has been criticized for a sexist demeanor towards the female characters, on account of the strip clubs and whores in its games. Along these lines, the time has come for Rockstar changes course by demonstrating the world how well it can put a strong female character in the game. What’s more, there is no better method to answer the sceptics by presenting a female lead in the GTA 6.

Further, there have been gossipy tidbits that Vice City would be back in the GTA 6. The thought is certainly engaging. The GTA arrangement has been running for as long as 21 years, and returning to where everything began isn’t an awful thought with some corrective changes and distinctive condition. With Vice City back in the game, GTA would likewise get the chance to pivot the whole establishment, offering another series and more interest to the present generation.

Clash of Clans Update Town Hall 12 – The Game’s First Weaponized Town Hall

Clash of Clans was originally launched in 2012 and the game has managed to keep its popularity along the years. The thing that keeps players coming back for more even after so many years is the fact that Supercell, the game’s developer, keeps releasing updates that include new content, features and software tweaks.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 12

The Clash of Clans community has been speculating that the next update Supercell is going to launch will introduce the highly anticipated Town Hall 12 and to everyone’s surprise, it seems like the community was right! Supercell recently published a short video teaser on YouTube where it announced that players should be ready to receive Town Hall 12.

Weaponized Town Hall

While the details about the new town hall are scarce, we do know that it’s going to be the first weaponized Town Hall in the game. In fact, the video teaser starts with the announcer saying that the town hall has always been a place of peace, but not anymore.

Electricity Defense System

Supercell has been doing a great job of keeping details about the new Town Hall a secret so that it can use the element of surprise when the official update is rolled out to everyone. However, this isn’t stopping the community from speculating about how the new town hall will be able to attack enemies.

The main theory is that Town Hall 12 will feature a special electricity defense system which will throw out splash damage. This is great news for Clash of Clans fans because it means that their new Town Hall will be able to destroy standard units such as Barbarians and Archers.

Changed Aesthetics

Lastly, the coolest thing about the new Town Hall is the fact that it changes aesthetics as players progress through the game. We know from a leak that there will be five levels of the Town Hall and that all of them will look amazing.

The $213 Piper Minecraft Raspberry Pi kit will teach kids valuable skills

Amazon has the Piper Minecraft Raspberry Pi Computer Kit on sale for $213.03, which is the lowest this has been all year. It typically would run you almost $300.

With this kit, your child can solve puzzles in the Raspberry Pi edition of Minecraft by building their very own computer from start to finish. Once that’s done, they can keep building power-ups within the game by using physical controls, switches, buttons, and lights. It’s perfect for kids ages 7 to 13.

This kit rocks because it combines the technology and fun that children love with hands-on learning, which is not something that can often be said when it comes to hours of watching YouTube Kids or Spongebob. It introduces them to coding, programming, and building in a way that keeps their attention and focus. One reviewer said, “My son hates school and says he hates to learn. But he LOVES his PIPER and doesn’t realize how much he is learning.”

Remember when you used to tear the remote apart, and then put it back together, just to see how it worked? This kit is kind of like that, but your kids will be guided through the whole process with step-by-step instructions. It comes with a handcrafted wooden computer case with HD LCD display, a functioning computer running on a Raspberry Pi 3 project board, a ton of electronic gadgets like buzzers and lights, cables, a laminated blueprint with assembly instructions, a USB mouse, an 8GB SD card, and a custom Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft. It’s Wi-Fi enabled and has free automatic level updates as well.

Minecraft Bedrock Update Download Available with Improved Cross-Play and Fixed Issues

It has been announced that Minecraft Bedrock will be released for Nintendo Switch in June. According to Mojang, with this update the company will address all the existing issues.

Multiple platforms, one codebase
First of all, the Bedrock update will make it easier for future updates to be implemented on all platforms at more or less the same time. This is extremely important because so far every platform had to get its own version of Minecraft, each with a unique codebase. Because of this, it was much harder for Mojang to release updates, as every platform required a separate update for the game.

Improved Cross-Play
Secondly, different versions of Minecraft created for different platforms meant that cross-play between players that were not using the same platform was much more complicated. The Bedrock update will use just one codebase, thus making it possible for gamers to play with each other using distinct consoles. However, not all platforms will be included in this unification. As usual, Sony wants to stay away from the others, so cross-play between PlayStation and other platforms will be impossible.

One update for all platforms
The Bedrock update of Minecraft will not only improve compatibility between different consoles, but it will also allow for any future updates to be released on all platforms, at pretty much the same time.

Also, the Minecraft Marketplace will become available for Switch users. With this feature, they will gain access to additional content created by other users, such as skins, textures and even entire worlds. Additionally, you’ll be offered some mini-games through the community servers.

The Bedrock update will be available for you at no cost at all in case you already have Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition. If not, you can purchase it from the Nintendo shop online or you can buy a physical copy. You can get your own copy for approximately $30, starting with June 21st.

Star Wars Battlefront II updates will let players fight in the Clone Wars

At E3 today, DICE revealed several big updates to Star Wars Battlefront II. Players will be able to play during the Clone Wars era, and the game will introduce several new playable characters, including Anakin Skywalker, Count Dooku, General Grievous, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. There’s no release date yet for the DLC.

While Battlefront II has allowed you to play as a clone trooper, it’s largely focused on the latest series of films: The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and Rogue One. This is the first time that Battlefront II players will be able to play as characters from the the prequel era, or to visit the planet Geonosis, where the Clone Wars began in Attack of the Clones. Design director Dennis Brannvall says that it’ll also include “the largest level we’ve ever built for Battlefront.”

In addition to the Clone Wars era, EA announced that it will introduce new content to its Han Solo season next week, including a new squad system and a new starfighter mode, as well as new environments on Kessel. It will also bring back the Extraction game mode. These updates will be released on June 12th.

During its presentation, EA acknowledged it had a “rough start,” after a heated controversy over loot boxes last November, prompting it to backtrack and overhaul its progression system.

In addition to the updates with Battlefront 2, Titanfall developer Respawn teased its own Star Wars game, which will be set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. It’ll hit stores next year and will be titled Jedi: Fallen Order.

Minecraft for the Switch is getting cross-play with PC, Xbox One, and smartphones on June 21st

Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch is about to get a lot bigger with a new update that brings the universal Minecraft Bedrock Engine to Nintendo’s portable console on June 21st, enabling cross-play between the Switch and the PC, Xbox One, and mobile versions of the game.

The cross-platform update is actually pretty late in coming to the Switch — it was announced back at E3 last year, and hit the other platforms last September. The Switch release was then promised for later in the winter, which, based on the June release date, it obviously didn’t quite hit. The updated Minecraft will also support Nintendo’s new online service for the Switch when it launches later this year.

Along with the new update, a physical version of Minecraft for the Switch is getting released for $29.99, should you prefer to own hard copies of your games instead of digital downloads.

Teacher defends use of Minecraft in the classroom, so Tom Elliott speaks with a player!

All public school students will now be able to play Minecraft in class as the government foots the bill for the popular game.

Education Minister James Merlino announced today that all public school students will have access to the game.

“And in this game you can build digital worlds, but in some versions you can also do things like fighting zombies with swords,” Tom Elliott said.

Rebecca Martin, digital technologies coach at Fitzroy North Primary School, told Tom Elliott that aspect of the game isn’t used in her school.

“The benefit of the education version is that you can actually turn that off,” Rebecca said.

“We’ve been using Minecraft in the classroom for about eight years.

“For example, our 5/6 students have been looking at space and whether life can be sustained on another planet, so they jet off on a new planet that they have to colonize.

“They have to learn about sustainability, energy choices, economics and citizenship.”

Tom Elliott then spoke with an avid player, a captain, in fact, of the Minecraftables at school – his daughter Ava!

“I like it so much,” she said.