Stone Marshall

STONE MARSHALL likes comics, video games, running, the Ramones, and travel. Stone reads stories with his son at bedtime. Sometimes, when they finish a book before falling asleep, Stone fills the time by creating great stories starring his son, Nabru. It is a wonderful time to share lessons about life and relationships. In turn, Nabru becomes involved in the incredible adventures, adding his thoughts and perspectives. The ideas and stories of Nabru are the seeds of the amazing books that have become this series.

Legends and Heroes Issue 5 – Race to the End
Life Inside Minecraft! Legends and Heroes Issue 1-The Blacksmith and The Apprentice – Free Minecraft Book
Legends and Heroes Collection 1
Flynn’s Log 5: Quest for Zen
Legends and Heroes Issue 10
Flynn’s Log 1: Rescue Island – Free Minecraft Book
Legends and Heroes Issue 12
Flynn’s Log 2: Thorn’s Lair
Legends and Heroes Collection 2
Flynn’s Log 3: The Ultimate Form of Life
Legends and Heroes Issue 13
Flynn’s Log 4: Offline