“Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition” was officially revealed just a few days ago, and now, fans thinking about getting this game can learn more about what new features it will offer.

Minecraft official website‘Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition' is due out on May 11

Though the Switch works differently from other consoles, players can expect that the version of “Minecraft” that will be released for it will be capable of supporting whichever style of play they want to try out.

In a recent post on the game's official website, it was also revealed that up to eight players can join up online, while as many as four different players can take part in the experience when it is played in local multiplayer mode.

Additional details about the Switch edition were then revealed by developers during a recent livestream, WWG reported.

Starting off with world sizes, players can reportedly create 3072 x 3072-sized worlds, and that upper limit is a significant step up from what was provided to players in last gen consoles.

Another promising revelation is that players who enjoyed “Minecraft” on the Wii U may also not have to simply abandon the previous game even as they move to Nintendo's newest console. Developers are reportedly primed to introduce a special system that will allow for the proper transfer of worlds from the Wii U edition to the Switch version of the game.

This special system is not expected to be made accessible right away to players, however, so they may have to wait for a bit before they can see their Wii U worlds moved over to the Switch edition of “Minecraft.”

The “Super Mario Mash-Up pack” is also being bundled together with the Switch edition, giving players more items to play around with right away.

Players can start creating worlds using Nintendo's newest gaming platform as soon as “Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition” is officially released on May 11.

‘Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition': Special Features To Be Included