MacBook Event was held last Thursday and everyone felt excited as Apple announced the Apple TV. The best part would be this brand new TV would allow access from users from the TV content across other devices.

That announcement got Minecraft fans most excited and thrilled. Minecraft will be coming to Apple TV device before the end of 2016.

Minecraft is a popular game, a block-building survival game that got a lot of people hooked. The announcement would mean that the creators of Minecraft need to work on another platform again. The mobile versions of Minecraft on Windows 10, iOS and Android will be part of the apps cross- platform play.

Minecraft, now officially announced according to TechCrunch, to be on Apple TV, can result to a major assumption that lots of platforms would have its own version. An article in Venture Beat stated that the game Minecraft was originally released for PCs. Also, the property of $2.5 billion was purchased by Microsoft in 2014.

Microsoft, as much as Apple is interested with Minecraft, has its own plan with it. Last June, Microsoft released its plan in a tradeshow that the Minecraft experience will unified across devices through Xbox Live. So now that Apple announced that Minecraft will be on Apple TV, Microsoft’s market have a chance to get more consumers.

Apple TV though have more than Minecraft in mind. By the end of the year, there will be more than 1,600 apps and there is a possibility that a bigger app would be announced to take part.According to BGR, Apple while looking for a better TV experience came up with the app ‘TV’, this is the brand new Apple TV app. This could change the way one watch on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad.

The TV app by Apple will be released this December in the US and is available on tvOS, iOS and macOS. And there’s one interesting information that came from BGR, Netflix and Amazon Video seems to be ‘not’ part of Apple’s new venture towards Apple TV.

Apple News & Updates: Company Working With Minecraft To Launch It On Apple TV?