“Minecraft” is close to having its new update named the Update 1.11. The release of this patch was confirmed earlier this week. This is good news to fans as they haven’t received any update for a while now.

On Nov. 8, Mojang announced the pre-release of “Minecraft” Update 1.11. As can be seen in the list of fixes, the team responsible for sandbox video game came up with at least 18 remedies for common flaws in the game.

“We have reached a point for ‘Minecraft’ 1.11 where we feel ready to level up our snapshots to pre-release status!” the post on Mojang website reads. “The observer, llamas, and exploration maps will soon hit all vanilla servers across the world, and here’s your last chance to give it a test run before it does so.”

Then again, there are people who were saying that the fixes presented may disappoint some avid “Minecraft” gamers. This is due to the fact that long-time gamers noticed that there are not many new features offered in the supposed “next big update.”

In contrast, “Minecraft” players were quite impressed with the major features that were introduced by Mojang last month. They like the Exploration Update that was unveiled during the 2016 MineCon at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California.

Gamers were thrilled with the experience of getting to ride llamas and the update allows them to look inside mansions with all sorts of treasures. Thus, it is somehow understandable why some “Minecraft” fans are frustrated with Update 1.11’s lack of really notable feature.

On the brighter side, “Minecraft” players may instead look forward to a range of bug fixes that will improve and make things easier in the gameplay. For instance, the update offers fixes to reduce lags and the maps were made better to make finding mansions and underwater temples a lot easier than before.

Meanwhile, Mojang stated that these things will go well and the “Minecraft” team will not experience any issues. The update 1.11 is coming on Nov. 14. The target release date is three days away so fans still have time to prepare for the upgrading of their game.

‘Minecraft’ Latest News & Update: Mojang Confirms New Patch 1.11 Up for Release; Fans Disappointed?