Microsoft Japan is pushing the sales of Xbox One in the country with the Xbox One S bundled with “Minecraft.” The reason behind the bundle is to boost the otherwise lackluster sales the console has been suffering from during recent times.

The release of the Xbox One S bundle will be on Jan. 26, according to Dual Shockers. The bundle will contain a 500GB variant of the Xbox One S, which will cost around 29,980 yen ($261.4) in addition to taxes.

The price of the console coincides with the local price of the PS4. However, the difference is that the Xbox One version of “Minecraft” will be included in the box, as well as a download voucher for the Windows 10 version of the game as well.

Additionally, the bundle will also contain the “Favorites Pack” and the “Builder’s Pack,” which is included in the western release bundle for the Xbox One S. The packs will include seven and six DLCs respectively, and it certainly helps get players started with the game.

The move is surprisingly smart and relevant, as “Minecraft” enjoys a relatively good amount of popularity in Japan, according to Gaming Bolt. It is the best-selling Vita game of all time in the country, selling more than a million copies ever since its release. Meanwhile, its Wii U version still thrives ever since its launch, selling about a quarter million copies.

With this, “Minecraft” still remains to be the highest selling Microsoft-published game of all time in the country. It could be the primary reason why the tech giant made the move in the first place.

In any case, it will be interesting to see how it will augment the Xbox One sales in Japan, as the deal certainly offers good value. However, it is still worth noting that the console platform only has a few games the Japanese audience care about, and it will certainly present a challenge.

‘Minecraft’ update: Japanese Xbox One S bundle features game for $261.4