Minecraft has transformed from a game into something more akin to a cultural phenomenon. The game has graced just about every platform out there, even making its way to the Raspberry Pi and the Windows Store as a UWP app.

The latest news now suggests that this game is finally making its way to the Apple TV. When Tim Cook introduced the new Apple TV last year, we were impressed by its potential as a casual gaming platform.

Polygon reports that Tim Cook made the announcement at a corporate event. Cook added that the game will be compatible with the Minecraft Pocket Edition on iOS devices and that players can take their worlds on Apple TV and share them with other players on iOS.

There haven’t been many noteworthy games on the platform; those killer titles like Super Mario Bros or God of War that transform a platform from an also-ran to a must-have. Maybe Minecraft is that title.

The fourth generation Apple TV was unveiled on 15 September 2015. The SoC is an Apple A8 running at 1.5GHz (that’s a little faster than on the iPhone 6) paired with 2GB of LPDDR3 RAM and up to 64GB of storage. You can control the Apple TV via an iOS device or using the bundled remote with its in-built accelerometer.

In effect, the hardware can be favourably compared to the iPhone 6, making it a competent, casual gaming platform.

Minecraft will make its way to Apple TV later this year: Tim Cook