Minecraft developer Mojang is wishing all of its console players a happy holidays with a big update and a couple of downloadable-content packs.

The block-building phenomenon is now at version 1.10 on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo systems. This patch, known as the “holiday update,” introduces flying, new potions, and more. It is free and available to download now. Mojang and publisher Microsoft are also rolling out a couple of new bundles and skin packs for players who are fans of Fallout or the most wonderful time of the year.

These kinds of updates and DLC releases are a key way that Microsoft is keeping players interested in Minecraft, which debuted on PC as an unfinished demo in 2009. Free updates get players to check out what’s new on their platform of choice, and then the skin packs enable players to spend money to help fund future development for one of the best-selling games of all time.

Here’s a breakdown of the 1.10 update:

  • Flying is coming to the Console Editions.
  • To fly, you need to equip a new item called Elytra.
  • You can find the Elytra in “The End” realm.
  • Mojang and partner 4J Studios have updated The End with End Cities and End Ships.
  • You can craft new potions, like Lingering potions, using Dragon’s Breath.
  • Minecraft now has new status effects: Levitation and Luck.
  • Amplified Terrain option when starting a new world on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 increases the differences between valleys and mountains. This is for getting the most out of the Elytra.

If that free content isn’t enough, you can spend $6 to unlock the Fallout Mash-up Pack. This DLC includes 44 skins that will make your characters look like the irradiated cast of publisher Bethesda’s Fallout role-playing games. You can also use a Pip-Boy-inspired user interface.

If you’re looking for something more festive, you can get the Merry Bundle for $7. This includes a number of holiday-themed pieces of DLC that will enable you to cover your world in sleighbells, presents tied up in strings, and warm wollen mittens. No word yet on whether this includes whiskers on kittens.

Minecraft’s holiday update is live for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles