Who doesn’t love Minecraft? It’s the light-hearted game of a lone survivor making his way in a pixelated world. The monsters aren’t too scary, and because the game can be as easy or as challenging as the player wants it, Minecraft is one of those rare games that adults and kids can both love and spend hours playing. So it would stand to reason that a real-life version of the game would be just as happy-go-lucky and mellow, right? I mean, how can you not feel calm with those mellow C418 tones coming at you?

Well, friends, it turns out realistic Minecraft is actually pretty solid nightmare fuel, as YouTubersNukazooka prove. Things start out with some lighthearted, chuckle-worthy stuff like chopping a tree down with NOTHING BUT YOUR FISTS (Steve’s a badass, y’all), and somehow being able to craft a pickax with nothing more than a bit of rock and wood. But the situation gets kicked up a notch when Steve is out exploring and spots some diamond in a cave wall. Hidden from the sun, monsters come out in droves to chase after our poor explorer.

The zombies are definitely a lot more terrifying than what we see in Minecraft, sure, but with shows like The Walking Dead on the air, we’re pretty used to seeing the shambling hordes of the undead. The spooky factor really gets kicked up when we see the “realistic” version of a Creeper–which is apparently a horrifying bug-like creature that has basically ruined my weird love of those little exploding bastards forever. It’s a fun and simultaneously terrifying adventure, and really makes you look at the world of Minecraft differently. I won’t spoil the very end of the video for you, but lovers of Minecraft lore will be pretty excited–and simultaneously terrified–about how this realistic Minecraft journey ends.

What Minecraft monsters would you like to see morphed into a more “realistic” version? What was your favorite part of the Nukazooka video? Let me know in the comments!