Focus Home Interactive is cornering the market on dark role-playing games from Europe.

Today, the publisher announced a deal with White Wolf Publishing for Werewolf: The Apocalypse for PC and consoles. The Cyanide studio (makers of Styx: Master of Shadows, Blood Bowl, and the upcoming Call of Cthulhu RPG) will develop the adaptation of the pen-and-paper game. Focus Home is known for RPGs and strategy games, and Werewolf is a good fit for its product portfolio.

Werewolf is part of White Wolf’s “World of Darkness” universe, which also consists of Vampire: The Masquerade (its 2004 PC adaptation is a cult-classic) and Mage: Ascension. The setting is a twist on modern times, where the supernatural lurks in a world torn by corruption, the divide between the rich and the poor, and devious men and women. You play as a werewolf (a Garou, which comes from the French Loup-garou), and you fight against civilization and “supernatural corruption.”

“The World of Darkness has always attracted creatives with a strong passion for telling dark and immersive stories. So to work closely with the great talent at Focus Home and Cyanide exploring the savage Werewolves of this universe is an absolutely fantastic experience for us at White Wolf, and we are more than excited to see this great and highly relevant IP realized in a video game”, said Tobias Sjögren, chief executive officer of White Wolf.

Vampires? Meh. Focus Home Interactive’s next role-playing game turns you into a werewolf