If Anything Is Poised To Be The Next ‘Pokémon GO,’ It’s ‘Minecraft Earth’

There are two kind of miraculous stories going on in gaming right now. One is Pokémon GO, which has managed to not only live past its initial hype from three years ago when it took over the world to still be one of the largest, most profitable, most played mobile games on the market to this day. The other is Minecraft, even older, having just turned 10, yet it’s having a “moment” as it’s been re-adopted by players and content creators alike, somehow becoming more popular than ever.

And now these two are going to overlap, potentially for Minecraft’s benefit specifically.

Minecraft has just rolled out a new trailer announcing select early access for Minecraft Earth, which should be starting up in October. Minecraft Earth is Microsoft and Mojang’s take on a Pokémon GO-like AR game which gets Minecraft players out into the real world. But instead of catching monster, they’re fighting off Creeps and building structures in the real world which can be planted and viewed through the AR lens of players’ phones. Build a castle on your front lawn and the idea is that other players can pass by and see it standing there. That’s the idea, anyway.

Between the continued popularity of Pokémon GO and the resurgence of Minecraft, if there was every another title to rival GO it feels like it’s going to be Minecraft Earth when it launches in full.

Many originally thought that it would be Niantic’s own Harry Potter: Wizards Unite that would take on that mantle, an AR game in the vein of GO made in part by its original creators, and yet that game has mostly sputtered and left a minimal cultural impact. The concept just didn’t really translate to an AR, location-based game where players were asked to “catch” things like wardrobes and clocks and quidditch balls which are just…not nearly as interesting as Pokémon.

Minecraft Earth, meanwhile, has a concept that immediately marries AR, real-world travel and the core concept of Minecraft’s building and exploration in a way that makes perfect sense. As such, provided the game works as intended and isn’t some kind of technical disaster, it seems like the right moment to capitalize on the dual popularity of GO and standard Minecraft with a game like this. It really does feel like it has the potential to be revolutionary, given both what I’ve seen from the technical aspects of the game and how engaged the Minecraft fanbase is currently. I can also envision a host of YouTubers and Twitch streamers live-vlogging their Minecraft Earth adventures like we used to see with Pokémon GO, which is a raft of content that will help carry the game to even more eyeballs.

I don’t know when Minecraft Earth will launch in full. If early access is in October, a winter launch wouldn’t exactly be great for an outdoor-based game, so perhaps we might have to wait all the way until spring. But when it does get here? Watch out, and mark my words, this will be a hit.

Best PC Games 2019: games to get the best out of your PC

Fancy some more games to make the most of your rig? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best PC games currently available, whether you’re on on Steam, Origin, Epic Store or any other service.

First of all, though, it’s wise to make sure your rig is up to the task. You don’t need to go crazy with components for most games. A good mid-level machine will have a dual or quad-core CPU that can handle multi-threads – something that’s essential for RTS games with numerous sprites on the screen at once or titles with a demanding amount of effects being thrown at any given time.

At the moment, Intel’s 9th-gen CPUs lead the field in terms of clock speeds, but if you want to do video work when you’re not playing games, for example, we’d recommend looking at processors from AMD’s Ryzen or Threadripper ranges.

graphics card with a minimum of 4GB of vRAM is almost essential for modern PC gaming, although cheaper alternatives can be found. For starters, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 is fine for multiplayer titles like Overwatch and Call of Duty, while higher frame rates can be achieved at 1080p with the GTX 1060 or 1070, although they cost a little more.

4K Gaming is more complicated, requiring significantly more power to achieve a meaningful performance alongside the improved resolution. The GTX 1080 or the newly released RTX 2080 Ti will work perfectly, with the latter able to achieve Ultra HD picture quality at 60 frames per second. Plus, if you go for an RTX card, you’ll be able to see Nvidia’s cool ray tracing rendering technique on select games including Battlefield V and Metro Exodus.

On top of this, around 8-16GB of system RAMthe maximum that the PC’s motherboard can handle, is also ideal.

If you’re shelling out for a gaming PC, you’ll also need to think about the monitor. You’ll want a model that offers high refresh rates, at least 60Hz. High-end monitors currently offer 144Hz at the higher end. FPS gamers will also want to pay attention to low input-lag times; in fast-paced multiplayer games it’s wise to take any edge you can get on the competition.



  • Unremitting demon-slaughter action all the way
  • Brilliant Glory Kill mechanics
  • All your favourite Doom enemies and weapons
  • Solid multiplayer and DIY SnapMap modes


  • Repetitive level design
  • Semi-useless map

DOOM (2016) has no right to be as good as it is. The reboot of id Software’s classic shooter is a slice of explosive brilliance, boasting one of the finest solo campaigns in recent memory. It hold no punches, handing you an abundance of weapons and asking you to go nuts.

The campaign is the obvious star here, taking you from the surface of Mars to the depths of hell as you slaughter countless demons that come your way. Whether you’ve got a shotgun, chainsaw or machine gun; there’s plenty of grotesque enjoy to be found in DOOM’s gunplay.

Multiplayer and Snap Map are enjoyable little distractions as well, with much of the former’s downloadable content now available for free. Here’s hoping that DOOM Eternal will build upon everything we love about this fantastic shooter.

2. Yakuza 0


  • So much variety
  • Snappy, genuinely funny writing
  • Great sidequests
  • Good story and main characters


  • Basic combat
  • Can be a bit cringy

Yakuza 0 is a wonderful, daring and truly unexpected experience. Previously exclusive to PlayStation platforms, it comes to PC with what is arguably the best entry for newcomers wanting to jump in. You play as Kazuma Kiryu, a young member of the Yakuza who finds himself framed for a murder he didn’t commit.

This sets the stage for an epic adventure set across Kamurocho and Sotenbori, two fictionalised versions based on real-life locations in Tokyo and Osaka. The authenticity is striking, and exploring the brightly-lit streets of these absurdly detailed places is as close as we can get without booking a flight to Japan ourselves.

Alongside a great sense of place, Yakuza 0 presents a fast, satisfying combat system with two playable characters. The world is filled with shops, locations and side quests to complete alongside the massive main story.

3. Return of the Obra Dinn


  • Compelling detective story
  • Makes you feel like a genius
  • Distinctive visual style


  • Pacing oscillates from slow to fast and back again, but never gets it quite right

Return of the Obra Dinn is a detective game that requires real smarts, and by placing the player into the shoes of an insurance agent with a magic watch in the 1800’s has created the most bizarre Bernard’s Watch reboot of all time.

Obra Dinn is dense with information, meaty chunks of the stuff falling out of every brutal tableau. Whether you can use that information to piece together the mystery of what happened to the 60 unfortunate souls onboard the Obra Dinn is something else entirely, but when you make a grasping guess, with nothing more than a flimsy theory and a hunch, it’s the best feeling in the world when it comes off.

4. Apex Legends


  • Fast, frantic combat
  • Best-in-class movement
  • Three dimensional characters
  • Gorgeous artstyle


  • Everyone is a bullet sponge
  • Limited ammo to loot

Respawn Entertainment has taken the battle royale genre by storm with Apex Legends, a free-to-play shooter that takes the wonderful gunplay from Titanfall 2 and combines it with an assortment of brave, innovative changes to the formula.

Apex Legends is all about teamwork as a squad of three players select from a variety of classes before dropping into a vast, uncompromising map. It’s brilliantly tense, with threats waiting around every corner as you scavenge for weapons and items.

Having already surpassed 25 million players, Respawn has confirmed that new maps, modes, characters and skins are on the way for Apex Legends. So, the party is just getting started.

5. Rainbow Six Siege


  • Deeply engrossing tactical shooter
  • Teamwork isn’t only encouraged, but necessary
  • Diverse and well-balanced cast of operators
  • Consistent updates and additions


  • Can seem impenetrable to newcomers
  • Trolls can ruin matches with little penalty

Starting with a relatively small base of players, Rainbow Six Siege has grown into one of the biggest and brightest multiplayer shooters on the planet. Frequent updates have introduced new operators, weapons and maps that can take players hours upon hours to master.

It presents a steep learning curve and requires plenty of teamwork, but get a few friends together and there aren’t many more rewarding shooters on the market right now. Destructible environments, and quick, structured rounds make working together a priority, with each character owning a repertoire of unique gadgets to use.

6. Divinity: Original Sin 2


  • Well written
  • Wicked sense of humour
  • Incredibly deep RPG systems
  • Lots of replayability value


  • Progression system relies on random cosmetics
  • Bad team composition can be frustrating

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a spectacular RPG positively brimming with new races, locations, quests and more just waiting to be uncovered by the player.

Twenty hours in, you’ll still be discovering new mechanics you never knew existed. In this respect, Original Sin 2 is a little daunting for newcomers, requiring a bit of persistence to penetrate.

That being said, the quality of writing and world-building here is almost unmatched in terms of its sheer scope and detail. An experience not to be missed.

7. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds


  • Good shooting
  • Good way to show dominance over 99 other players through firepower
  • Each of the three maps in the game brings a totally unique playstyle
  • Proper support means new items, maps and vehicles on the regular


  • Can be intimidating to learn
  • Sometimes you get shot in the head from a mile away without a chance to react

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the latest Early Access title to become a phenomenon. Like DayZ, Minecraft and others before it, this game has spread like wildfire, with thousands upon thousands of players picking it up and diving into its Battle Royale-style world.

Players jump into a huge map and simply have to fight to the last man standing. Up to 100 players dueling to the death on a remote island is as intense and thrilling as you’d expect, as players fight for dominance and the inevitable chicken dinner.

8. Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire


  • Amazingly deep world
  • Tactically satisfying combat
  • Nautical management


  • Sailing is underwhelming
  • Not accessible for curious newcomers

Pillars of Eternity 2 is lighter in tone than the original, and if nautical nonsense is something you wish, this is one of the best ways to get your boat on. The game is dense and fascinating, offering an experience you won’t find elsewhere: it’s Obsidian at its very best. And if you can stare into the watery deadfire abyss, you’ll find it also stares into you, providing deep characterisation and a thoughtful pace.

Combat is tight and interesting, and looking after a boat is fascinating. There’s questing, conversations and everything a good CRPG needs. It’s easy to see why it made a splash at launch.

9. XCOM 2


  • Tight, tactical gameplay
  • Dynamic and unpredictable
  • Wider strategy full of tough, meaningful decisions
  • New stealth options work well
  • Strong cinematic presentation


  • Views don’t always provide necessary information

The sequel to the 2012 reboot of Julian Gollop’s famous turn-based tactical masterpiece, XCOM 2 is set 20 years after the events of the original game, but showcases the same deep and engaging strategic gameplay.

New to the mix is faster combat and the introduction of secondary mission objectives, which add a bit of variety and extra challenge to proceedings – as if XCOM wasn’t tough enough already.

Outside of combat, researching and building new weapons and gadgets plays a major part in ensuring success, and you’ll spend hours mastering all of the character classes and their respective load-outs.

It’s rare that a sequel manages to improve so comprehensively on the title that precedes it; this is one of those cases.

10. Dead Cells


  • Fun combat
  • Environmental storytelling that conveys the game’s lore
  • Wide range of items that enable different playstyles


  • Confusing progression system
  • It’s a bit grindy

If there’s one rogue-like with Metroidvania elements you play in 2018, make it Dead Cells. The game boasts some of the best 2D combat around, and a compelling cycle of life and death that has a chance of sucking away all of your free time.

A standard run of Dead Cells will only take you 20 to 40 minutes and during that time you could find yourself cowering from giant worms behind a huge shield, freezing zombies with an ice bow and trapping zombie pirate fishermen with wolf traps before leathering them with a broadsword.

This variety is exciting, and as soon as you die you’re dropped back at the start to do it again. Sure, it’s going to eat your life, but you’ll enjoy it every step of the way.

11. Monster Hunter World


  • Incredibly deep and rewarding gameplay
  • Beautiful and varied worlds
  • So much depth to its systems
  • Each monster is a new challenge
  • Story is actually engaging


  • Multiplayer matches can be fiddly to set up

When it launched back at the start of 2018, team Trusted was blown away by Monster Hunter World. Now, with it’s launch on Steam, PC players are allowed to join the hunt. It’s a great port, and the game is every bit as impressive on the PC as it was on the other consoles at launch, and if you want to cut off a monsters tail and make it into a cloak, this is as good as it gets.

If you’ve previously bounced off of Monster Hunter titles, this fixes nearly all of the flaws that the series has previously had with accessibility and difficulty, allowing rookie hunters to come in and start fighting giant monsters. In many games, this would get old fast, but each of the giant beasts you hunt and slay has their own quirks and intricacies, making the game constantly compelling.

12. Stellaris


  • Vast amount of approaches for different empires
  • Constantly being updated with new features
  • Full of great mini sci-fi stories
  • Crisis keeps endgame interesting


  • Diplomacy not as interesting as war
  • Managing large empires can get fiddly
  • Generally not as fun to play as a good guy

Stellaris is a masterpiece of strategy, a game of creating an empire amongst the stars and exploring and shaping those stars to fit your whims.

The genius of the game is the anomaly system, which sees your science vessels find something unusual: a giant skeleton of a planet, a depowered automated shipyard or perhaps a small ceramic pot orbiting a sun, and deposits you into a choose your own adventure that feels like it’s been torn from an episode of Star Trek. A good episode of Star Trek.

Stellaris also bits the stale end game that is the hallmark of 4X strategy titles by introducing a late game crisis which brings carnage to the universe, letting the game come to an explosive end no matter how establish everyone feels as the game enters its final stage.

Carmack wants to hold your hand in Minecraft

John Carmack suggested a fun, cute feature that could be implemented in Minecraft, and it sounds like a good idea.

John Carmack proposed an interesting bit of feedback for the Minecraft team on Twitter, suggesting a new way to interact.

Carmack shared a fun idea, saying that “holding hands” could be an interesting mechanics. Honestly, we agree!

“It would be cute seeing best friends and various mobs walking like that, but there could be consequential things like crossing otherwise random portals together or forming coven circles for magical acts,” he wrote, also acknowledging it could be used as a way to play the classic children’s game Red Rover as well.

After Carmack took to Twitter with his idea, people chimed in and agreed, saying that it could be an interesting way to hang out with friends. Others just made it into something weird, as many internet denizens tend to do. The idea is a pretty good one – there isn’t really any way for players to emulate friendship or romance and things like that in-game, so it would be a cute addition to a game that’s already full of ways to express yourself.

John Carmack@ID_AA_Carmack

Holding hands might be an interesting Minecraft mechanic. It would be cute seeing best friends and various mobs walking like that, but there could be consequential things like crossing otherwise random portals together or forming coven circles for magical acts. Red rover.1,07111:35 PM – Sep 16, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy212 people are talking about this

It’s unclear why John was sitting around thinking about new ways to interact in Minecraft, however. Maybe he’s enjoying it in his free time? His previous tweet was about welding sparks and the one following Minecraft was meant to address Oculus Quest developers. Whatever the reason may be, perhaps he’s just trying to offer his thoughts on what could make a good game even better. We already know he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to game design. So when he makes a suggestion, perhaps it’s a good idea to stop what you’re doing and listen. Who knows? Maybe this feature will be making its way to Minecraft soon enough! 

Thanks to anhero for bringing this to our attention with his Chatty thread. This is a cool idea, and it’s odd that you can’t already do this given all the customization options and actions available in Minecraft. 

Overwatch meets Minecraft in amazing map recreation

One avid Overwatch fan has taken it among themselves to recreate a full-scale version of a popular map in Minecraft.

Despite initially being released in 2009, a decade later Minecraft continues to remain at the forefront of popularity in the video game industry. A great deal of Twitch streamers continue to find new ways to enjoy the title to this day, with Minecraft Monday being as popular as ever.

One particular builder in Minecraft had recently set aside the time to combine two of their favorite franchises, recreating a map from the beloved hero-shooter Overwatch.

After an immense “72 hours of progress,” Reddit user ‘halvencyon’ was ready to share their creation with the world, posting a photo album that highlighted the incredible effort of recreating Rialto in Minecraft.

A month and a half of chipping away at the build and the results are spectacular. From internal detail to the sprawling scope of the project, no stone was left unturned in this faithful reimagining of the popular Escort map.

REDDIT: HALVENCYONThe scale of Rialto has been captured perfectly.

Every aspect of the map has been delivered with care, even down the most minute details such as health pack locations and lighting considerations. 

“There’s always room for improvement,” the creator expresses, “but I feel this is my best work yet!”

REDDIT: HALVENCYONCareful not to fall off the map!

Set in Italy, the map was released in Overwatch in May 2018 and now stands as one of the 21 competitive maps in the game to date. Five of which are tuned to the Escort game mode which sees attackers pushing a payload through three checkpoints.

While the recreation in Minecraft is purely aesthetic for the time being, perhaps someone will connect the redstone dots and create a fully functioning Rialto multiplayer mod in the near future.

REDDIT: HALVENCYONEven the small details have been captured in this recreation.

You can check out the full album of images here and leave some words of encouragement to the devoted creator.

This isn’t the first time that the world of Overwatch has mixed with Minecraft as fans recently created a fully functioning D.Va mod.

How to complete Minecraft without walking a single step

One YouTuber has found a pain-staking, yet, ingenious way to play Minecraft without even taking a single step but it’s a challenge that not everybody will be willing to take on. 

Despite releasing back in 2009 as the ‘Java’ version, Minecraft has become extremely popular once again with content creators flocking to play the game over numerous platforms. Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg was able to cross over the 100 million YouTube subscribers mark with his playthrough, while Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has taken Twitch by storm with his Minecraft Monday victories.

Yet, neither of the Felix’s have quite taken on the leap of absurd challenges that involve you beating the game with a pretty terrible arsenal of weapons or even harder, beating it without walking a single step.


REDDIT, U/VITAMINT123Players can create pretty much anything they want in Minecraft.

That challenge, however, was taken on and beaten by YouTuber TheHeightAdvantage who was able to fully build a house, gather all the needed materials, and even take down The Ender Dragon without even walking an inch.

How did they do it? Well, the YouTuber unbinded all moving controls in their settings so that they won’t take a misstep. Instead, they opted to use boats on land and underground, buckets of water, and a pig he called Little Timmy to get him around.

While his methods may seem strange, just how the YouTuber got around isn’t a completely new idea. The boats can be placed on the ground and sat in while moving, giving you a few block’s worth of movement. That’s the starting point, and of course, you need to spawn near trees to get the wood, but it gets a little easier from there. 

After you’ve got your hands on enough iron, you can craft a bucket and then claim water. Placing water near your feet will sweep you away and give you a few extra blocks of distance. 

Yet, once you befriend a pig and give it a saddle, you can go pretty much anywhere you want – just make sure to have a Carrot on a Stick handy.

If that all sounds like time consuming and hard work – truth be told, it is. TheHeightAdvantage told PCGamer that all in all, it took him around 30 hours to get everything in place and defeat the Ender Dragon. 

Of course, being able to lay claim to ‘beating’ Minecraft without moving sounds like a pretty sweet deal, but exploring the huge landscape while walking is the route we’ll choose to take.

World Premiere of Minecraft: The Exhibition Virtual Landscape Comes to Life in Seattle’s MoPOP

SEATTLE, Sept. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) is pleased to present Minecraft: The Exhibition, opening on October 19, 2019. Designed for players and non-players of all ages, the exhibition celebrates the game’s 10th anniversary by exploring how Minecraft has developed into a platform for unlimited creative expression, community-crafting, and inspiration to build a better world outside of the game.

Created in partnership with Mojang, Minecraft: The Exhibition is dynamic and immersive featuring life-size Minecraft creatures, scenic backdrops, a day-night lighting cycle, audio effects, and a gallery score. The exhibition spans over 6,000 square feet of the museum and is among the most ambitious exhibitions produced by MoPOP, offering fans of all ages the opportunity to interact with the best-selling game of all time like never before.

“We are thrilled to co-create Minecraft: The Exhibition with Mojang and host the world premiere at MoPOP,” said Brooks Peck, Senior Curator of MoPOP, “Minecraft is not only a game that allows for unlimited creativity and exchange of ideas, it also promotes inclusiveness and equality, which are core to MoPOP’s mission.” 

In the exhibition, visitors will feel as if they have stepped inside the blocky world of Minecraft, with scenes, patterns, colors, and textures being informed by actual in-game builds. The gallery features 15 life-size characters from the game, including the explosive Creeper and mysterious Enderman, hands-on experience at a real-life crafting table, and a face-off against a groaning Zombie. Guests can also try the game and explore epic and elaborate creations from the virtual community. Exhibition films include interviews with the game’s creative team, builders, and gamers and shows first hand how Minecraft inspires creative exchanges and social change.

For more information, visit MoPOP.org/Minecraft

For available artwork please visit the Press Room here .

MoPOP is a leading-edge nonprofit museum in Seattle with a mission to make creative expression a life-changing force by offering experiences that inspire and connect our communities. MoPOP reaches multigenerational audiences through collections, exhibitions, community events, and educational programs, bringing understanding, interpretation, and scholarship to the pop culture of our time.

Mojang is a game development studio based in Sweden, best known for developing Minecraft. In 2014, Mojang joined Xbox Game Studios to continue work on Minecraft and bring their vision, creative energy and innovative mindset to the development of future games.

With over 112 million unique Minecraft players engaged across all platforms and over 176 million copies sold worldwide, Minecraft is the best-selling video game in history. The Minecraft franchise continues to reach new players through an expanding line of consumer products, game updates, Minecraft Marketplace and the amazing content created by its vibrant and growing community. Its world expanded with new games like “Minecraft Dungeons” and “Minecraft Earth,” Minecraft: Education Edition is a special version of the game designed for schools and educational settings.


View original content to download multimedia:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/world-premiere-of-minecraft-the-exhibition-virtual-landscape-comes-to-life-in-seattles-mopop-300919935.html

SOURCE Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)

Three Minecraft biomes are getting updates, and you’ll pick which one comes first

Mojang has plans for three major Minecraft biome updates, so we’re going to see major changes to the swamp, mountain, and badlands locations in the relatively near future. But which one’s coming first? That’s not a rhetorical question – the developers want you to answer in a big vote to see which changes are coming first.

The biome vote takes place as part of the Minecon Live stream on September 28 at 9:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT / 17:00 BST, which will broadcast across basically every streaming platform on the face of the internet. Viewers will be able to vote for the next biome update during that stream, much as they did last year with the selection between taiga, savannah, and desert.

Badlands, mountains, and swamps will all get new features, mobs, and mechanics, and Mojang plans to offer video previews of all the new stuff leading up to the vote. Regardless of which biome wins the decision, updates for all three are coming – it’s just a matter of which update lands first.BEST PC GAMING HARDWARE DEALS TODAYaddlink S70 1TB NVMe PCIe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 SSD R/W 3400/3000MB/s Internal Solid State Drive

addlink S70 1TB NVMe PCIe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 SSD R/W 3400/3000MB/s Internal Solid State Drive

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AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core, 12-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor with Wraith Stealth Cooler

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HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset - Dual Chamber Drivers - Award Winning Comfort - Durable Aluminum Frame - Detachable Microphone - Works with PC, PS4, PS4 PRO, Xbox One, Xbox One S (HX-HSCA-RD/AM)


You can get more details on the official site.

Or watch the developers explain it in the video above.

Our latest check-in with the Minecraft player count confirms that yep, it’s still totally the biggest game in the world. Don’t expect those updates to stop any time soon.

Three Minecraft biomes are getting ‘new mobs, features and mechanics’

Mojang wants players to vote for which of the three biomes gets upgraded first.

In the lead up to Minecon Live, Mojang has announced plans to update three Minecraft biomes. Swamp, Mountains and Badlands are all scheduled to get updates, with “new mobs, features and mechanics” to be added. 

More details about these updates will roll out between now and September 28, but in the meantime Mojang has announced that it wants players to vote on which of these biomes will get the update treatment first. This vote will take place live on September 28 during Minecon Live, which is a special Minecraft livestream.

It’s exciting news for Minecraft fans: while all of these biomes have received small iterative changes throughout their histories, it sounds like Mojang has much bigger plans afoot to make them more exciting. And don’t fret: all three will inevitably get an update – this vote is just to determine which comes first.

Minecon Live will also feature a bunch of community panels, ranging the social through the technical, and even more “juicy” news and update info will be announced during the stream. It’ll no doubt attract a healthy audience: apparently the game attracts more than 112 million players per month.

Beware: Borderlands 3 Is Reportedly Overheating and Crashing Consoles

Borderlands 3 doesn’t run great on console, but it seems to be especially having issues on Xbox One and Xbox One X. In addition to a healthy slab of performance issues, the madcap, post-apocalyptic looter-shooter seems to be overheating Xbox One and Xbox One X consoles, causing frequent crashes. In fact, some players are reporting the game is downright unplayable due to this. At the moment of publishing, it’s unclear what the issue, but it’s been present since launch on September 13, and is still an issue as of today.

Meanwhile, things are a bit better on PS4 and PS4 Pro. There doesn’t seem to be any issues of overheating, and crashes appear to be minimal. Personally, I’ve had one or two crashes on my base PS4, which also sounds like a jet engine while running the game. And the PS4 Pro isn’t much better, with many noting the console is quite loud when running the game. As you may know, Borderlands 3 isn’t the most technically demanding game on the market, so it’s unclear what the issue could be.

Allan davies@allan_davies

@Borderlands can you fix the problems for the xbox one x, borderlands 3, constantly crashing and turning off the console on 4k, makes the game unplayable, tells me the console is overheating, but seen this problem before on other games, so annoyed with it all now11:38 AM – Sep 18, 2019 · Oldham, EnglandTwitter Ads info and privacySee Allan davies’s other Tweets

One shady alien@TrashServersReplying to @GearboxOfficial @Borderlands

The game overheats my Xbox one x and shuts it down randomly when I try to play co-op or sometimes when I load onto a planet. I don’t have this issue with my other games. So fix it because I don’t want my Xbox to get damaged because of your game overheating it1:00 PM – Sep 17, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee One shady alien’s other Tweets


@GearboxOfficial My Xbox one x keeps overheating from Playing Borderlands 3 is this normal to happen.11:29 AM – Sep 17, 2019 · Perrysburg, OHTwitter Ads info and privacySee Slickkster’s other Tweets

Anthony Mundell@lMundyy

@GearboxOfficial @Borderlands been playing this game since launch and over the past 2-3 days my Xbox One X has been turning itself off countless times and it has nothing to do with overheating because it’s not even hot and I’m not receiving the overheating message when back on??9:27 AM – Sep 17, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Anthony Mundell’s other Tweets

Grandads Belt@Grandads_Belt

@2KSupport trying to play borderlands 3 on xbox one x and game keeps on making my xbox think its overheating and not venting right tried to make 2k support ticket but verification keeps failing and I can’t make an account.9:11 AM – Sep 15, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Grandads Belt’s other Tweets


@XboxSupport my Xbox keeps “overheating” during a borderlands 3 cutscene but I’ll touch the Xbox and it’s not hot I’ve cleaned it and everything and it’s still turning off during this cutscene please help18:42 AM – Sep 15, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Benjamin’s other Tweets

Steve Fava Jr@TheSteveFava

@Borderlands PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME ON XBOX!!!! MY CONSOLE DAMN SURE ISNT OVERHEATING AND I JUST PAID $60 FOR AN UNPLAYABLE CRASH FEST!!!!!7:43 AM – Sep 14, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Steve Fava Jr’s other Tweets

Gearbox has been working on updates tirelessly since launch, but for the moment, there’s no word when console gamers can expect these issues to be fixed alongside a myriad of other performance problems.

Borderlands 3 is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Further, it will release on Google Stadia later this year. For more news, media, and information on the game, click here.

New Gears 5 Escape Hive Is Full of the Worst Kind of Enemy

Gears 5 players who have been sharpening their hive-busting skills since the game launched have a new challenge coming their way that sounds like it’ll be quite the experience. Coming to the game is a new Escape Challenge Hive called “The Hunters,” and it’s full of Sires, an enemy with the potential to throw a wrench in even the best of plans for approaching these hives. Other available hives will change with the release of The Hunters.

The Coalition announced the release of the new Escape challenge in its latest “What’s Up” post where it educated players on what’s coming to the game this week and onwards. The big sell for this week’s Gears 5 content drop is Batista coming to the game – unlocking him is easy – but the new hive will be welcome news for anyone who’s already mastered the innerworkings of the other maps.

Players will have to enter this Escape hive to get a feel for it just like the others, but know that the Sires are waiting for you.

“If Sires scare you, you’ll need a strong stomach for this one,” the post said. “This week’s new Escape Challenge Hive is The Hunters, featuring Sires that will spawn unpredictably and hunt you down from every angle.”

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A new Escape Hive awaits you in #Gears5!

Venture into the depths of ‘The Hunters’, a maze-like layout where Sires lurk around every corner.

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For those who have only stuck to the Versus mode and haven’t dabbled in the campaign or other multiplayer experiences long enough to encounter the Sires, they’re massive pains to go up against if you’re not careful. After a brief battlecry that alerts you to their attack, they pounce towards a player. If they successfully make contact, they apprehend the player and start carrying them off away from the others. You can mash a button to give yourself some time, but if you don’t have a teammate near you to blast them away, they’ll just rip your head right off and that’ll be that. If you’ve ever played Left 4 Dead 2, it’s a lot like playing against a full-grown version of a Jockey.

You’ll encounter those creatures in other maps and game modes as well, but you’ll find plenty of them in The Hunters. This new hive is also part of Gears 5’s planned releases that bring new types of maps and cosmetics each week among other content.

Gears 5 is now available for the Xbox One and PC platforms, and you can read our full review on the game here.