A new live action trailer for Fallout 76 aired during the “Saints vs. Vikings” game earlier today which, for the benefit of anyone living outside of the United States, was some kind of football match. The official Fallout Twitter account tweeted as much, and you can see the trailer itself above.

There’s a woman standing in a lush green field, slowly and blissfully rotating as she fires off indiscriminate rounds from dual-wielded pistols. Later, two heavily-armed fellows in Power Armor are also enjoying the shooting of their weapons. The only time people look serious – ie, the only time they are not smiling – is when they’re not shooting their weapons (though being in the presence of a reason to shoot their weapons – such as the arrival of a deathclaw – seems to make them happy too).

Fallout 76 releases November 14. Chris played the recent Xbox-exclusive beta, but there’s a PC equivalent coming soon.