Every episode of Game of Thrones opens with a bird’s eye view of the Seven Kingdoms (and occasionally Essos as well), as we admire one exotic castle after another. And while most of us might be content to simply take in the sight, one fan was not. Jake Schadewe used Minecraft, a video game that allows you to build anything you like using small blocks, to recreate the famous castles of Westeros down to a stunning level of detail. Behold, Schadewe’s recreation of King’s Landing.

From the Red Keep, to the Dragonpit and the Great Sept of Baelor, its hard to notice any details that Schadewe missed, although this is obviously before Cersei had her big moment. We think we even see the tunnel Arya came out while chasing cats back during season 1. King’s Landing looks like it took the most time to complete, but Schadewe’s other recreations were no less impressive. From the barely mentioned and never seen Gulltown in the Vale, to the godswood of Winterfell, Schadewe went all out.

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Schadewe admitted via Reddit, that his creation is “actually helping” as he applies for software engineering jobs. Just don’t tell them how long you spent on it Mr. Schadewe. The full gallery can be found here, and includes renderings of Castle Black, Dragonstone, Riverrun and many more.

We can’t decide what’s more impressive, Schadewe’s version of King’s Landing, or that one they’ve been building in Belfast for the past couple months. What does everyone else think?

Game of Thrones fan recreates the Great Castles of Westeros in Minecraft