Minecraft features several expansive lands for you to explore, depending on what kind of terrain is generated when you start a new game. Depending on what biome that spawns when you start playing, you can find special areas known as villages, which are small clusters of homes that villagers call home.

Villagers are more than just interesting NPCs, though. They’re integral for trading items with, and they add a unique dimension to Minecraft that lends a certain “human” element to the game. Suddenly, Hanging out with villagers, watching them interact with each other, and reaping the benefits of their homes and communities are a unique part of Minecraft as a whole. If you’re interested in scouting out villages in Minecraft, here are some simple ways to find them.
How to Find Villages on Foot

It’s pretty simple to find villages as long as you have a certain “biome” that you’re playing in. You can head out to search for them on foot just like you’d be exploring normally, or fly around in Creative Mode to search for villages in a much simpler, more expedient manner.

If you choose to search the game on foot, you should first start with a special seed in-game that will start you out closer to a village at the very beginning. Seeds are simply codes that you can enter before generating a Minecraft world that you have control over. If you use the same seed twice, you’ll generate the same kind of world twice, so if you find one that you enjoy using, you can stick with it and will always see the same world generated with the same code.

You can find different seeds all over the internet, so find one that you’re interested in using, and you can spawn a new world where you’re potentially near the villages this way. Make sure you tick the “Large Biomes” option when you make your new world, which should allow for additional space for villages to appear. While ticking options, also make sure “Generate Structures” is selected, or otherwise you just won’t see any villages or buildings whatsoever. This is an important part of the process, so double-check your options before generating a world.

When you’ve arrived in the world, take a look around the savannah, taiga, desert, and plains areas in your new world. These are some of the only places you’ll be able to find villages in the game, since they’re flat, grassy, and easy for the villages to appear in. But just because you find these areas, that doesn’t mean you’ll find a village. They will spawn completely at random, so it all comes down to luck when you’re trying to seek one out. It may take some practice and patience, but eventually you’ll happen upon one of the villages when you least expect it. You’ll know it when you see the small little buildings and taller, tan humanoid creatures milling about. Congratulations on your new discovery!
How to Find Villages in Creative Mode

If you want to find villages in Minecraft without having to run around and do all the dirty work, you can always opt to play in Creative Mode instead, where you can fly around the world rather than explore it on foot. You can jump straight up into the air and look around the world you’ve created in tandem with the suggestions in the “explore on foot” part of this guide.

This way, you can look around at your leisure, empowered to roam the skies and look down on the world below you for any latent villages that may be hidden. Creative Mode obviously doesn’t have all of the same features as Survival Mode, but it does make it exponentially easier to seek out villages when you get a bird’s eye view of all of the areas below you. It won’t matter much if you find villages, however, if you don’t need to trade or interact with the villagers, so this option is really more suitable for exploring and seeing what’s out there instead of actually using their trading skills.

How to find a village in Minecraft