The Nintendo Switch received a big new game last week in the form of Minecraft. Now, some new insight into its technical specifics have come to light.

According to Time, the popular sandbox game runs at 720p in both docked and mobile modes. Some fans might have wanted to see 1080p, but this is not possible due to “issues currently experienced shifting from one resolution to the other when docking/undocking,” Time reported (via DualShockers), citing a Microsoft representative. According to the spokesperson, the Switch's power is not holding the game back from reaching 1080p, but instead the “issues” laid out above are to blame.

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As Time points out, it is possible that Minecraft for Switch could reach 1080p if those items are sorted out. We will report back with more details as they become available.

As for frame rate, Minecraft runs at 60FPS when docked and undocked.

Priced at $30, Minecraft for Switch features local and online multiplayer support as well as Mario-inspired skins, as you can see in the image gallery above.

In other Switch news, the eShop got a welcome upgrade recently, as it now allows users to store their credit card information. Previously, you had to enter it every time you made a new purchase, unless you were willing to add credit to your digital wallet on the system.

Microsoft Explains Why Minecraft For Nintendo Switch Runs At 720p