Minecraft enthusiasts that play the game on Microsoft’s Xbox One console have received a small update recently. Many of them probably unknowingly, have been subjected to a small update which pushed some important fixes into the game. The Minecraft developer also came out with a changelog list which was barely worth calling a list. That being said, the fixes are still very much appreciated and will increase the gameplay value of the game by taking care of some rather annoying problems.

Let’s take a look at what players can expect to see or feel differently in the game, if they haven’t gotten a chance to check out the change log:

  • Prior to the fix, the UI tended to mess up the icons for items which weren’t blocks by displaying the wrong LOD. That has now been fixed and will occur no longer in-game.
  • Players also reported that nether portals would sometimes take them to places they had no interest in arriving in, but that has been taken care of in update 40.
  • When jumping in a tight place, players would often times find themselves falling through the block that they were on. This was especially frustrating but the developers fixed this issue in the latest update.

Just to clear up any confusion, these changes have been made for the Xbox One version of the game. Anyone playing the game on another platform should not have to worry about this update, as it was solely meant for Microsoft’s console.

While the patch is rather small, it does a great job in impacting the game and taking care of some really annoying issues. This once again proves that the smallest issues are the ones causing the most problems. No further information has been disclosed to any potential future updates for the game.

Minecraft Xbox One Edition Gets Awaited Problem Solving Update