A while ago, we noted that Kemco came out with a new RPG in Band of MonstersIt usually costs $7.99, but is currently free as part of a celebration for Machine Knight hitting one million downloads.

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The game’s unique twist to draw players in is with its music taming aspect. Monster tamers are awash in the world of Band of Monsters. You, as Zara, can tame them using the power of song by “tuning” yourself to them. You’ll then be able to use said monsters during fights.

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The Pokemon/Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker aspect comes in with collecting the sheer variety of some 170 different enemies, and then cross-breeding them Shin Megami Tensei style into entirely new creatures.

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Band of Monsters also has an online component, where players can take their party online to fight against other players. Being free would certainly help you find some opponents.

Band of Monsters is available now on iOS and Android. Grab it while it’s free!
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