Adventure Time and Minecraft have a long history. The heroes of the popular Cartoon Network animated show made appearances in Mojang’s building game in 2017, and now the favor is being returned with tonight’s episode of Adventure Time where the show’s cast is drawn in a block-y, Minecraft-like style.

The episode, titled “Diamonds and Lemons,” is airing tonight at 7pm ET and you can see favorite characters like Finn, Jake, Marceline, and Princess Bubblegum in all their brick glory. Like in Minecraft, the group can be seen building things in the Land of Ooo borrowing the core gameplay of Minecraft. The first clip for the episode was released last month.

Cartoon Network is also collaborating with Funko to make Adventure Time x Minecraft figures, so that’s an extra collaboration thrown into the mix. Funko recently announced a partnership with Epic Games to make figures based on Fortnite, so they’re well-versed in toys based on games.

Adventure Time meets Minecraft meets Funko Pops.
Adventure Time is a popular, long-running animated series on Cartoon Network starring the human Finn and his dog friend Jake as they explore the Land of Ooo and take on quests. It’s a very strange, fantasy series with a devout following thanks to the show’s mature storytelling and imaginative creations. There have been several video games based on Adventure Time, including a new Adventure Time game slated for 2018.

“Diamonds and Lemons” doesn’t have an official synopsis beyond the fact that it’s a Minecraft crossover, but you can see the episode in full when Adventure Time airs tonight at 7 pm ET. The episode will also be available on the Cartoon Network mobile app after airing.