Nintendo has officially revealed the Minecraft New Nintendo 2DS XL ‘Creeper Edition’ for Europe.

Back in July, this luminous green beauty was confirmed for Japanese buyers alongside new Animal Crossing and Mario Kart bundles, but it was unclear whether or not the system would make it to western shores. Then, late last month, we spotted the console tucked away inside a PDF file sent by Nintendo RU around the time of Gamescom. It turns out that the PDF file wasn’t lying after all, and the system is indeed about to arrive in Europe.

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Nintendo of Europe

On 19/10, look out for the #Minecraft New Nintendo #2DS XL – Creeper Edition, distinctively decked out with a Creeper design and pre-loaded with Minecraft: New Nintendo #3DS Edition!

Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition is available on #eShop now!

16:16 – 20 Sep 2018
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While the Creeper design is sure to be the major selling point of this one, the console also comes with a copy of Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition pre-loaded. If you’re a Minecraft fan still looking for a new 2DS system, or know someone who is, you can’t really get much better than this.

The console will be available in stores from 19th October.