Microsoft announced at this past weekend's MINECON event in California that the next big update for “Minecraft” will launch October 2016.

After revealing earlier this year that a Boss Update was coming, the company finally revealed that “Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta,” “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” and “Minecraft: Gear VR Edition” are all set to receive the updates on October 18.

The Boss Update will bring boss battles to these versions of Minecraft for the very first time, along with changes to the Wither boss battle and exciting additions to the Elder Guardian and its Ocean Monument. The Boss Update will also enable fans to play using their Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth while playing the Gear VR and Windows 10 Editions.

New slash commands will also be introduced so players can tweak the game itself by summoning, teleporting and more, while the Add-Ons will enable users to play around with the game creating new monsters to fight, making villagers run away for them or chase them, and simply having fun making chickens that explode.

So players can find out more, Microsoft will make available free downloadable examples of Add-Ons on once the update has launched on October 18. A FAQ and how-to video are also available now.

Minecraft Boss update and add-ons to launch next month