My biggest qualm with Kairosoft, apart from that Game Dev Story 2 appears to be Duke Nukem Forever-esque vaporware, is that my enjoyment with any of their titles is highly dependent in my interest of whatever the topic their next iterative game is. This means while Pocket Arcade Story [$4.99] went down extremely well with me, Cafeteria Nipponica [$4.99] doesn’t exactly pique my interest. Thankfully, Kairosoft have appeared to hit the holy grail of simulator themes, as who doesn’t like superheroes? Legends of Heropolis [Free], the next title in their expansive catalogue of RPG-management hybrids, has launched today for free on the App Store, and offers the chance to build a town full of superheroes and bring back justice to Heropolis once more.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a Kairosoft game if there wasn’t some sort of building element involved, and Legends of Heropolis appears to merge a pretty cool looking turn based fighting mechanic with the ability to construct a city, with shops and centers that have a positive affect on your group of superheroes. Furthermore, Legends of Heropolispromises the feature of being able to link up with your friends, and recruit their heroes to further strengthen your posse of masked liberators and defeat the self-proclaimed ‘nefarious Evilcorp’. While Kairosoft fans probably don’t need my recommendation,Legends of Heropolis looks like it could be quite a fun experience, and anyone looking for some superhero action to fill the void until Suicide Squad is released should definitely give this latest Kairosoft title a look. Be sure to leave your impressions on our forum thread.

Fight for Justice in Kairosoft’s Superhero Simulator ‘Legends of Heropolis’, Out Now