This game is LEGO’s answer to the ever-popular Minecraft.

And while it doesn’t quite hit the heights of that worldbuilding phenomenon, there’s enough here to satisfy fans.

The game is basically a massive open sandbox to build entire LEGO worlds.

There’s a rather bland, basic story where you play an astronaut exploring planets.

The more gold bricks you discover on each planet, the more worlds open to you.

And while they start off relatively small, it won’t be long before you are travelling between huge worlds with varied landscapes.

It’s all quite intuitive and you can build anything you can think of with enough time.

The game, available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch is aimed at kids aged seven up.

But older kids and adults will still love this. we fear the building mechanics aren’t as accessible as Minecraft and will leave the youngest ones struggling.

That said, we fear the building mechanics aren’t as accessible as what is on offer in Minecraft.

Worse still, it could leave the game’s youngest players struggling.

Overall, LEGO Worlds is a fantastic title, but you’ll need to put the effort in to get the best out of it.

LEGO Worlds Review: PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch builder is fun, but no Minecraft