Lego Worlds, the Minecraft-style sandbox game that lets you build basically anything with virtual Lego bricks, will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in March, Warner Bros. has announced.

An announcement today on the PlayStation Blog doesn’t mention a specific date, but the Xbox Store lists it for March 7. The game is currently available on PC through Steam Early Access; the final version is slated to launch on March 7. Today’s announcement confirms a delay, as Warner Bros. previously said Lego Worlds would launch for console and PC on February 21.

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A Nintendo Switch version is in development, but a release date for it has not been announced.

A DLC pack called Lego Agents, featuring more characters, vehicles, and weapons inspired by the Lego Agents physical toys, will launch first on PS4. It will be exclusive to Sony’s system for 90 days.

Lego Worlds was released on PC in June 2015 with little fanfare. The sandbox game is made up entirely of Lego bricks, which players can manipulate to build almost anything they want. You can play solo or with friends through local co-op and online multiplayer.

GameSpot’s Lego Worlds Early Access review from June 2015 said, “It’s an absolute delight to explore and build even in the game’s current state, but there’s still plenty of room to grow.”

Lego Worlds is developed by Lego series developer Traveller’s Tales. It is priced at $30, but the Early Access version is available for $15.