Minecraft Full Version is expected to come to the Apple TV. It should be noted that the Windows 10 and Pocket editions of Minecraft reportedly adds endgame content in the beta. Furthermore, the tvOS release of Minecraft reportedly adds seven pieces of downloadable content.

New DLCs Featured In The Apple TV Minecraft

It has further been noted by developer Mojang that the Apple TV Edition of Minecraft may also pack the Holiday 2015. Additionally, City Folk and Town Folk skin packs may also be included as in-game content. Moreover, Plastic, Cartoon, Festive 2016 and Natural mash-up packs is also said to be included.

Note that the Minecraft DLC additions may only be available for a limited number of purchasers. Previously, Apple TV was also noted with the Story Mode in Minecraft with a narrative from Telltale Games. Moreover, Minecraft was also noted to launch on the device in June.

On the contrary, the Apple TV Edition of Minecraft reportedly does not support both the Xbox Live log-ins as well as Minecraft Realms. In the meantime, Mojang further revealed that Minecraft may be updated soon to support both features. Currently, the pocket and Windows 10 editions of Minecraft have been noted running on version 1.0 complete with the aforementioned updates.

Minecraft 1.10 Patch Notes Released

In other news, Minecraft updates have reportedly been released for the home console versions. Apparently, it is believed that the Minecraft 1.10 with new mobs, blocks and items may make the console game more comparable to the PC version. Note that the release notes have also been published.

Minecraft will reportedly pack new End Ships and End Cities to The End. Moreover, players are expected to receive the chestplate slot item Elytra that reportedly gives players wings. Note that this item may equip players the ability to glide from high ledges and control the rate of descent by looking down or up. Learn more about Minecraft 1.10 here:

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