Apart from the numerous games and franchises that the Lego franchise has spawned, with crossovers among different fictional universes, a new entrant in the gaming department of the LEGO corporation has been released, called LEGO Worlds. And it promises Minecraft-like innovation, with the wonders of the LEGO universe.

The game was actually first announced last year as a direct competitor to Minecraft. The game has been made by experienced hands, since the developers, Traveller’s Tales, were the ones behind the LEGO Star Wars series of games as well. So, they probably know what they’re doing and by the looks of the trailer, the game looks just as majestic and explorable as we had imagined.

The plot is quite simple here – there is none. Instead, players are put into this open environment which consists of numerous procedurally-generated worlds that are made out of LEGOs. These worlds can be manipulated in any way that the player wishes and they are also quite interactive as well. The worlds are made to be as dynamic as possible in order to have them populate with other LEGO models, very similar to how Minecraft operates.

There are also a number of vehicles which can be used to traverse across these worlds, such as bikes, helicopters, gorillas and even dragons. The game will also offer multiplayer support with online multiplayer as well as split screen multiplayer.

When Kotaku sat down to play the game, they found that this was basically a virtual LEGO playground, where players could literally make figures out of LEGO bricks, in-game. This makes the whole experience a lot more fulfilling than Minecraft since the LEGO spirit can really be utilized here when searching for items to explore and creating new and unique structures. Of course, there are also quite a few prizes to find as the player explores the worlds and unlocks new hidden items in the process.

The game was first announced last November and will be making its debut on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as Steam, shortly. At $29.99, it will provide unlimited hours of gaming fun. Players are definitely going to draw comparisons among Minecraft and LEGO Worlds, and will probably call LEGO Worlds a duplicate, but they will still end up playing it more, because it is just that good.

It’s finally good to see LEGO come out with a game that actually shows what LEGO is about. About time, LEGO.

LEGO Worlds brings brick-building onto consoles and PC, will directly compete with Minecraft