Fan of Magic: The Gathering? Me neither! But the guys at Microsoft have come to some conclusion that a huge amount of their player base are, by releasing a skin pack for the card game.

Now obviously I’m kidding, Magic: The Gathering is actually really fun, and has amassed quite a huge following all around the world – which obviously constitutes the release.

The pack essential lets you play as a legendary Planeswalker Including favourites like Liliana Vess, Avacyn, Ajani Goldmane, and more. Some of the skins are available for free, but If you do, however, end up loving them, you can buy the remaining skins for just a few bucks.

Unfortunately, It’s currently only available for download on the Pocket and Windows 10 editions of Minecraft. However, the developers promised that console versions would be on digital shelves in the near future — so hopefully that includes the PS Vita Edition.

For only $2.99 CAD comes a total of 15 skins to choose from.

In other Minecraft news, the Switch will reportedly run at 60fps and will feature “Medium Sized Worlds”

If you are looking at getting Minecraft of the Nintendo Switch, we have some exciting news for you: Mojang has announced that the Minecraft Switch Version will run at a glorious 60FPS, will feature “Medium Sized Worlds” compared it’s Xbox One and PS4 counterparts) and will have Wii U world transfers.

According to Microsoft, developing on the Switch has been rather easy, and the game will be updated to Minecraft‘s January update when it’s released on May 11.

 Finally, the Switch will feature world transfers from the Wii U so that you can keep working on your existing projects – however, this functionality will, unfortunately, not be available on the launch date.

Magic: The Gathering Skin Pack Out Now On Minecraft