It looks like gaming studio Mojang has something up its sleeves for gamers of its mega successful sandbox game, “Minecraft.”


(Photo: Mojang)An image from “Minecraft.”

After spending time with the folks over at Mojang, Xbox head Phil Spencer revealed on Twitter that the developer is working on something new for the game.

“Great day with the team Mojang seeing the future work on Minecraft,” he tweeted. “Very cool to see the new ideas the team has come to life,” he went on to say.

He did not provide any other details as to what “Minecraft” fans can expect, but gamers can count on getting new content in the game in the feature.

This does not come as a surprise since Microsoft has already said in the past that they have big plans for “Minecraft” in the form of continual updates.

From the looks of it, Mojang appears already hard at work in whatever they plan to release in the game. When fans will get to see all that in the flesh, they will have to keep their eyes peeled.

In terms of downloadable content (DLC), “Minecraft” gets regular updates. The latest is the “Power Rangers” DLC that came out in March to commemorate the release of the movie of the same name.

Microsoft also recently announced a real-money marketplace dedicated to the game, where players can purchase textures and map packs created by approved creators. It will go live this spring.

Next month, “Minecraft” will find its way to another platform and that is the newly released Nintendo Switch. Its release in the new generation console will definitely expand the already massive playerbase of the sandbox game.

With regard to the future content, Mojang is currently working on for “Minecraft,” players will just have to patient in learning more information. New details should be revealed in the coming weeks of months.

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