Another good news for the “Minecraft” players and fans all over the world, especially those mobile gamer, recently arrived. There is a new texture pack for popular sandbox game mobile edition or “Minecraft Pocket Edition” released last week.

This new “Minecraft Pocket Edition” texture pack they called “The Fallout Mashup Pack” or “Minecraft Fallout Edition” is now available to purchase and download from the online store. At $5.99 USD, you can download the new texture pack from Google Play Store and enjoy the new game features.

The new “Minecraft” texture pack offers up content based on the “Fallout” post-apocalyptic role-playing game series originally from the Bethesda Softworks. This “Fallout Mashup Pack” or “Minecraft Fallout Edition” includes all-new textures which players can turn their “Minecraft” world into something that looks like the nuclear bomb-blasted landscape of the Fallout universe, says Android Authority.

Aside from the new texture blocks, “The Fallout Mashup Pack” or “Minecraft Fallout Edition” also includes some new mobs and character skins to access which are based on the many colorful characters in the “Fallout” game series. For the “Minecraft” players, it is really good to see new mobs in the game, and these mutated two-headed cows, huge scorpions and other new mobs are makes this new pack very exciting. And of course, this pack adds in some music tracks from the “Fallout” franchise.

This mashup pack is a great way for the Bethesda Softworks to introduce the game to the “Minecraft” players, especially to those doesn't have any idea about this RPG. On the other hand, the popular sandbox game also makes a similar effect to the “Fallout” players to try this creative building game.

Mojang and Microsoft Xbox never cease to tolerate their fans for bringing new more excitement to the “Minecraft” games. These coming weeks, the update version 1.12 is set to launch. There is still no official schedule when this update will be available, however, you can now check the contents of this update, it includes new parrot mobs and new colorful blocks.

‘Minecraft’ News & Update: Pocket Edition Gets New ‘Fallout’ Mashup Pack