Snapshot 17w15a has been released for “Minecraft,” and this latest update preview brings some new features as well as several bug fixes that players have been looking for.



Facebook courtesy of MinecraftA new Snapshot was released just recently for ‘Minecraft'

Before diving into what Snapshot 17w15a contains, players should know more about how to activate it for the game. They can do this by first navigating over to the Launch Options tab and then checking off the box that says “Enable Snapshots.” They should then save the change they just made.

Players who will be activating the newest Snapshot or any Snapshot for that matter are encouraged to back up their files first to avoid any issues that may stem from their worlds possibly being corrupted.

Once players have taken care of all that, they can go ahead and see what is inside the latest Snapshot.

According to the changelog posted over on the game's official website, players now have access to colored beds, and these are ones they can make either by using dye on a white bed or by crafting one while using some colored wool.

“Minecraft” players can now also toggle the narrator between options such as off, chat only, system messages only, and chat & system. A new toast notification has also been added via Snapshot 17w15a for toggling the narrator.

Advancements should now also come with descriptions while some of the titles in the game have been changed as well.

Stairs have also been improved, and they are now designed to function better with things such as fences, glass panes and walls.

As for the bug fixes, one in particular addressed by Snapshot 17w15a ensures that the statistics page should now work properly.

Improvements for many of the tamed animals have also been applied, and several fixes for the game's parrots have been added.

More news about “Minecraft” should be made available in the near future.

Minecraft' Snapshot 17w15a Introduces Colored Beds and Several Bug Fixes