We prepared a list of 11 most successful Minecraft Youtubers in the World for all those of you looking for a new favorite Minecraft YouTube channel.

Minecraft is the best-selling PC game to date and the second best-selling video game of all time for a reason. In the world of Minecraft, the only limit is your imagination, something that was never offered before in a video game. This is the main reason behind the success of the game, and the thing that makes it so tempting. It helps also that there are many gameplay modes and the ability to play maps created by other players, which is very helpful if you are among those who have a lack of imagination.

11 Most Successful Minecraft Youtubers in the World

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Since Minecraft offers so many possibilities, it is the number one game for YouTubers. There is always something new to do or something to show, so the content is basically always fresh. Having fresh content is what distinct successful YouTubers from those less successful. Since we are already talking about YouTube and success, check out our list of 11 most successful gaming YouTubers in the world as well.

For creating our list of 11 most successful Minecraft Youtubers in the World, we used something that is one of the definitive guidelines when determining how successful a YouTuber is, the number of subscribers on his channel. As our starting point, we used the list of Minecraft YouTubers found on Seus Craft and then looked for those having the most subscriptions. It is important to mention that we didn’t take into consideration the gaming YouTubers that occasionally do Minecraft, but the ones that almost entirely feature Minecraft in their videos.

11. TheAtlanticCraft

Number of Subscribers: 3.46 million

TheAtlanticCraft channel began uploading videos on June 25, 2012, and has racked 1.47 billion views on more than 2,000 videos so far. It is run by two childhood friends, Joe and Cody, with Joe quitting the channel in February 2016.

10. ExplodingTNT

Number of Subscribers: 3.53 million

Compared to other channels, ExplodingTNT has substantially fewer videos than most other Minecraft channels, with the number being close to 500. Since May 8, 2011, ExplodingTNT has 898.91 million views in total.

9. iBallisticSquid

Number of Subscribers: 3.78 million

The person behind iBallisticSquid is David Spencer, who started the channel on March 10, 2011. So far, the channel has managed to get 2.08 billion views in total. Some of the Minecraft series that David does on his channel include Operation Vacation, Attack of the B-Team, Pixelmon, Mission to Mars, Race to the Moon, and Crazy Craft.

8. JeromeASF

Number of Subscribers: 4.43 million

JeromeASF channel started on July 11, 2011, and has over 1 billion views on 4,360 videos uploaded to date. Jerome Robert Aceti, as his real name stands, has two Minecraft channels, with this one being the popular one. He also has a Call of Duty channel that he runs with his friends.

7. Bajan Canadian

Number of Subscribers: 5.77 million

Mitch, better known as Bajan Canadian, started his YouTube career on March 3, 2010. He uploaded close to 3,500 videos and has 1.65 billion views combined.  Mitch’s Minecraft videos usually revolve around survival games (Hunger Games), Battledome, Parkour speed runs, adventure maps, and more.

6. SSundee

Number of Subscribers: 7.15 million

One of the older channels on our list of 11 most successful Minecraft Youtubers in the World, SSundee started on November 27, 2009, and managed to get 2.31 billion views on 1,408 videos. SSundee ‘s Minecraft videos include modded Minecraft, mod reviews, and Minecraft competitions.

5. stampylonghead

Number of Subscribers: 7.94 million

This channel has an impressive number of 5.45 billion views on more than 2,000 videos. It was created on July 29, 2011, by Josh Garret as his side-channel in addition to the main channel where was doing vlogs and console play. Soon stampylonghead channel proved to be more popular and it became his main channel.

4. PopularMMOs

Number of Subscribers: 9.14 million

The interesting thing about this channel is that the creator Patrick occasionally does videos with his wife and his fellow YouTuber Jen. PopularMMOs was created April 17, 2012 and has 6.70 billion views on 3,255 videos.

3. CaptainSparklez

Number of Subscribers: 9.64 million

CaptainSparklez or Jordan Maron joined YouTube on July 20, 2010, and has created 3,382 videos that collected 2.64 billion views in total. He is best known for his Minecraft-themed music videos where he parodies popular songs in pop culture. Recently, he began creating his original music videos.

2. Sky Does Minecraft

Number of Subscribers: 12.08 million

Adam Dahlberg started his YouTube career on February 27, 2011, under the moniker Sky Does Minecraft and has 1,590+ videos published that were viewed 3.38 billion times combined.  He recently admitted that he was in a mental hospital and that he suffers from eating disorder which caused him to be less active on the channel.

1. TheDiamondMinecart // DanTDM

Number of Subscribers: 12.65 million

Daniel Middleton deserves to be on the top of our list of 11 most successful Minecraft Youtubers in the World since he is not just the most subscribed Minecraft YouTuber but also one of the most popular YouTubers in the world. He is the 36th most subscribed YouTuber on YouTube and has managed to get 8.31 billion views since he created the channel on July 14, 2012. This success paid off for Dan since, in 2014, Business Insider estimated his annual income to be somewhere between $213,000 and $2.15 million.

11 Most Successful Minecraft Youtubers in the World