For those new to Minecraft who want to add some color to it, we recommend checking our list of 5 easiest dyes to make in Minecraft.

If you didn’t live under a rock for the past couple of years, then you are certainly familiar with Minecraft video game. Released on November 18th, 2011, Minecraft is a sandbox game that allows the player to build constructions, explore, fight, craft items and much more. With over 106 million copies sold, as of June 2016, Minecraft is the best-selling PC game to date and the second best-selling video game ever, right after Tetris. This game is also available for other gaming systems and mobile phones. For those looking for mobile games with extensive story line should rather look into our list of 7 Android games with best story lines.


Now let’s talk about dyes in Minecraft since that’s why you are here. In the world of Minecraft, dyes are items used for the coloring of some mobs, leather armor, hardened clay, wool, the patterns on glass and banners. Dyes are produced by crafting or combining other dyes to make a new one. The dyes obtained by crafting are called primary, and dyes obtained by combining primary dyes (or some other items) are called secondary. It’s that simple. However, getting the preferred color isn’t a piece of cake, since some items for crafting dyes are not so easy to find.

The question is – how we managed to get our list of 5 easiest dyes to make in Minecraft? Well, first, we decided to count only primary dyes, since secondary dyes require obtaining primary first; hence, they are a lot harder to make. Then, we took three elements into consideration: the number of items needed for crafting, how easy is to find these items and finally in how many different ways dye can be made. Let’s take a look at our list, shall we?

5. Ink Sac

This is the darkest dye in Minecraft. It can be obtained in two ways. The first way is by killing squids, which drop one to three Ink Sacs upon their death. Squids spawn in water between sea level and layers 46. The other way to get Ink Sac is by fishing, where they are obtained as “junk item”. Ink Sac in combination with Bone Meal gives Gray and Light Gray Dye.

4. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is equivalent to the color blue. It can be obtained by mining or natural generation. Lapis Lazuli occurs in 17% chest minecarts in abandoned mineshafts. Other ways to get Lapis Lazuli include crafting Lapis Lazuli Block and smelting Lapis Lazuli Ore with any fuel. It is used to create Purple Dye, Magenta Dye, Cyan Dye and Light Blue Dye.

3. Bone Meal

The third entry on our list of 5 easiest dyes to make in Minecraft is obtained by crafting bones and bone blocks. Each bone placed in the crafting table gives you 3 Bone Meals and each bone block gives you 9 Bone Meals. Bones can be acquired from the skeletons that drop up to 2 bones after death. They are also found in 29.0% of desert temple chests, 72.2% of jungle temple chests and 57.8% of dungeon chests. Bone blocks are acquired by mining. Bone Meal is used in crafting Gray and Light Gray Dye, Lime Dye, Magenta Dye, Pink Dye, Light Blue Dye.

2. Dandelion Yellow

To make Dandelion Yellow you will only need Dandelion or Sunflower. Each of these flowers gives one Dandelion Yellow Dye when placed into the crafting table. Dandelion is widespread and can be found in Plains, Sunflower Plains, Forest, Flower Forest and any other biome in Minecraft. Sunflower only appears in Sunflower Plains. Dandelion Yellow combined with Rose Red gives Orange Dye.

1. Rose Red

Last dye on our list of 5 easiest dyes to make in Minecraft can be created by using 4 different kinds of flowers. Poppy, Red Tulip, Rose Bush or Beetroot placed in the crafting table will each give you a Rose Red Dye. They are all very easy to find. Poppy is found in Plains, Sunflower Plains, Forest, Flower Forest and any other biome in Minecraft. Red Tulip can be found in Plains, Sunflower Plains, and Flower Forest while Rose Bush appears in Forest and Flower Forest. You can get Beetroot by harvesting a fully grown crop block. Rose Ted is used in making Orange Dye, PurpleDye, Magenta Dye, Pink Dye and Cocoa Beans.

5 Easiest Dyes To Make in Minecraft