There are many users who like to change the look of their Windows 10 Desktop, using all kinds of themes. Next spring, Microsoft will release Windows 10 Creators Update, which will bring Paint 3D and other 3D tools, as well as a new menu under Themes section which will include a color picker and a sidebar on the right side, which will allow users to customize the experience to their own liking. In addition, there will be plenty paid themes that will be purchased directly from the Windows Store.

Windows 10 Creators Update will be launched next spring and it will come as a free upgrade with 3D-focused tools. Microsoft’s plans to bring a new version of Microsoft Paint were leaked a few weeks ago and recently, the company has announced that Windows Insiders are allowed to test out an early version of this application. Paint 3D app was also published in the Windows Store, but it can be installed only on devices running on Windows 10 Creators Update, and this means that’s available only to Insiders who are part of Microsoft’s online community. The modernized Paint app will allow them to export their creations and share them with the rest of the Insiders, or they can download 3D objects created by others.

But Windows 10 Creators Update is not only about creating 3D objects in Paint. Microsoft will introduce many features and users will be given a free hand to customize the look of Windows 10 the way they like. In the 1.14-minute promotional video that Microsoft has posted on YouTube, the company has revealed that soon, users will be able to select from thousands of possible shades of accent colors, as in the Personalization section of the Settings page will be found a new color picker with 50 accent colors.


Customizing Windows 10 Creators Update could be costly