With Christmas round the corner and to spice the gaming experience, Minecraft has launched its all new version of the Minecraft 1.10 update. So if you have been recently feeling a bit outwardly because of the PC/Mac and Pocket/Windows 10 current updates, there is no need to worry as Minecraft has released its all new console editions with the Minecraft 1.10 update.

The Minecraft 1.10 recent update which has termed as the new exploration, is now live and active for all the game freaks. The best thing about this new update that it is available for free download and usage. It can be downloaded and played with the current versions of Windows 10 and Mac personal computers.

Everything You Need to Know About the Minecraft 1.10 Update
Everything You Need to Know About the Minecraft 1.10 Update

There are several great features available by the launching of this update. The salient features introduced by the launch of the Minecraft 1.10 update include a new range of maps, items, characters, exciting quests, enemies and so much more. When the Macs and the Windows 10 users would download the latest version of the Minecraft 1.10 updated version, they will immediately encounter a new Cartographer.

This Cartographer would offer a lot of maps for accessing the treasure which will be offered when you would exchange some emeralds. Every emerald which has been exchanged has a value or worth for the maps which will help the player in the discovery of new treasure maps and a completely new world to be discovered by the players.

New Minecraft Update

The new update of the Minecraft games also offers to its players an adventure-filled journey for the treasure hunt which involves the entry of new creatures, guardians, and even magical creatures. Some of the recent updates or changes to the game plan with the recent Minecraft 1.10 update include:

  • Fixation of several bugs
  • Addition of polar bear
  • Addition of new husks and stray animals
  • An option for enabling auto-jump
  • Several improvements in the inbuilt commands
  • Customized maps with exciting structural blocks
  • Bone blocks resembling underground structured fossils
  • Addition of magma block
  • Addition of Red Nether bricks and Nether Wart blocks
  • The mushrooms can be made even larger
  • The chance provided to the users to win lonely trees situated in the plains
  • Herobrine has been removed
  • Better paths have been generated by the villages between the buildings
  • The user can even find the abandoned mineshafts which are filled with gold
  • More versions of the villages are available which are based on the biomes they are constructed in
  • The players can saddle the wildest animals to provide protection to their caravan train and provide security from the monsters.

With the new update of the Minecraft 1.10 version, the users are given a grand opportunity to discover themselves in the most adventurous and fun-filled way. The players just need to be brave and begin their quest to find the hidden treasures to achieve success in the game plan.

Everything You Need to Know About the Minecraft 1.10 Update