Minecraft has turned into a gold mine for twin brothers from Co Meath. Ryan and Scott Fitzsimons, 25, each earned €1m in 2015 from posting videos of themselves playing the computer game on their YouTube channel.

Minecraft, in which players build structures using Lego-like blocks and fight zombies and skeletons using swords and pitchforks, has sold more than 100m copies and has 40m regular users.

The brothers have attracted 2.87m subscribers to Littlelizardgaming: Minecraft Mods, the YouTube channel they created in June 2012. Their videos, which feature amusing voiceovers by the brothers while they go on Minecraft adventures, have had more than 1.5bn views. In the Minecraft universe, Ryan’s avatar is known as Little Lizard while Scott is Tiny Turtle.

Irish twins vlog €1m each via Minecraft