Mojang's popular build-em-up, Minecraft, has sold 122 million copies since it launched back in November 2011.

The last official figures we saw put sales at 106 million. Those numbers were released in June last year, meaning the game has racked up an additional 16 million sales in around eight months.

A series of tweets from Mojang also revealed the game is currently pulling in 55 million monthly players, further highlighting its enduring appeal.

Unfortunately the developer didn't break down the data further, so there's no way of telling exactly how many of those new purchases were made by players on mobile, PC, or consoles.

That said, last year we saw that 19 percent of U.S. players had purchased the game on PC, with the other 41 and 40 percent grabbing it on mobile and consoles respectively.

Over in Europe the split was more even, with 29 percent of players picking the game up for PC, 35 percent for consoles, and 36 percent for mobile platforms.

Lifetime Minecraft sales hit 122 million