We’ve rebranded our leading Beam.pro stream to Microsoft, Gaming and Libations!

Microsoft, Gaming and Libations (formerly Microsoft, Minecraft and Libations) is a live show hosted on Microsoft’s newly acquired streaming network, Beam.pro. We have recently rebranded the channel to coincide with our desire (and your requests!) to play games beyond Minecraft!

Moving forward, our live streams will take place on Wednesdays, at 6 PM ET (3 PM PT, 10 PM GMT). You can find the start time based on your location and time zone in our event announcer.

Microsoft, Gaming and Libations

We’ll be kicking off our eighth episode of Microsoft, Gaming, and Libations very shortly, where we’ll talk about Microsoft while playing Minecraft, and, well, having a few drinks! Join us in the chat for some big announcements and giveaways.

If you missed our earlier announcement for the full context of what the show is, you can find that here to learn more about the format and plans.

For now, all you need to do is watch the live stream above or head to our Beam channel at Beam.pro/windowscentral when the stream begins where you can jump in on the live chat.

We’ll occasionally field some questions from the audience, so it’s best to sign up for Beam. Plus, doing so will help enter you in our contest to win a Hitman Collector’s Edition, detailed below! We’ll also be giving away spooky Minecraft Halloween skins in the chat during the stream. If you entered last week’s controller giveaway, we’ll post the winners here soon!

For those curious, we’re aiming for a 90-minute air time, but honestly, we have no idea how long it will go. So grab a drink and join in on the fun to find out!