Minecraft’s next console update will get bears, beets and… banners.


The PC version of Minecraft has had these features for some time – but as of next week they wil be available on console as well.

A free update will roll out for Xbox on Tuesday, 4th October, and then for all over platforms on the day after.

Another PC-only feature, grass paths, is also included – so you can finally mark out routes without having to waste stone or gravel.

Arctic biomes will now generate igloos and gigantic subterranean fossils. Other new blocks include End Bricks, Red Nether Bricks, Nether Wart Blocks, Bone Blocks and Frosted Ice.

At the same time, there will be a paid-for Chinese Mythology Mash-Up pack with a pre-built ancient Chinese city, new textures, skins and music, plus another level for the Battle Mini Game.

Our favourite thing about it? The Ender Dragon is replaced by a Chinese Dragon, as you can see in the trailer above.

Minecraft console editions finally get polar bears, beets and banners