The highly pixelated world of “Minecraft” has been a global hit among kids and adults alike and had mashed up with other game franchises over the years. This Holiday season will be no different as the five-year-old game will be crossing paths with an equally famed title – Bethesda’s “Fallout.”

The new downloadable content has been revealed to fans about a week ago and has gone live since yesterday. Just like the previous penchant, the new game segment has brought in loads of new skins and items taken from the “Fallout” universe, Gamespot learned.  Some of the new skins include the likes of “Fallout’s” renowned mascot, Vault Boy, Nick Valentine, Jangles the moon monkey, Paladin Cross, robo-sleuth, Tinker Tom, and even the super-powered mutant, Fawkes.

Nuked landmarks in the “Fallout” lore has also graced the game which include the Tenpenny Tower and the Capitol building. These well-known beacons won’t be complete without it being infested with oversized web crawlers, two-headed bovine mutations, gruesome-looking anomalies, and slender ghouls.

Making the “Minecraft-Fallout” experience complete is the playlist that went along the newly released game expansion. The soundtrack has stashed in popular tunes in recent and previous “Fallout” titles that will make sandbox gameplay all worthwhile during the Holidays.

The new DLC comes with a price tag of $6 and is now available on all major gaming platforms including legacy consoles such as Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

PC players, on the other hand, will not be left out as Minecraft’s website also released the 1.11.1 patch that brought forth some nifty stuff within the game. Such items include a rocket equipped elytra glider, a so-called “sweeping edge” enchantment for bladed weapons, iron nuggets, and a tweak in the game’s attack indicator where players are now being signaled on when to strike.

‘Minecraft’ crossing paths with ‘Fallout’ in new DLC; PC’s 1.11.1 patch also released