“Minecraft” console players are in for a treat this holiday. The game developer Mojang has prepared a spectacular holiday gift for console gamers. Here’s a sneak peak of your holiday goodies.

Since the last PC update of “Minecraft” last February called Combat Update – which changed the game intensely, this holiday update is much awaited for console gamers in all platforms. The long wait is almost over since the Holiday Update is within reach by this time.

This “Minecraft” Holiday Update will reportedly make the console version in close comparison with the PC version. Mojang unveiled four big features of the Holiday Update: Elytra, the magical gliding wings; the End Cities, which can be found after defeating the Ender Dragon; Lingering Potions, made from dragon’s breath, which can be thrown. These potions leave a bubbling slick behind which can be used as a trap. The Amplified Terrain, which has been in the PC version for a long time, is also part of the update.,

According to reports, “Minecraft” Holiday Update will also bring improvements to UI and introduce some new items, status effects, blocks and mobs. Aside from these sneak peaks Mojang has revealed, the game developer said that there are more surprises to look forward to. Though they won’t discuss more in further detail. There is one important part that is yet to be confirmed: the Combat Update for consoles.

This “Minecraft” Holiday Update is indeed exciting for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Wii U gamers. This holiday update is free to all “Minecraft” Console edition owners. There are still a lot of features to look forward to in this latest update and we just have to wait until it will be released. Moreover, “Minecraft” Holiday Update is slated to launch before December ends this year. For more “Minecraft” latest news & update, only here in Gamenguide.

‘Minecraft’ Latest Update Release Date, News & Update: Holiday Update Sneak Peak Released; Elytra, End Citied, Lingering Potions & Amplified Terrain Are Here!