Mojang announced new DLC for Minecraft: Xbox One Edition and the accompanying console versions. The so aptly named Spooky Bundle includes three dlc packs to add some spooky fun to your crafting experience. The bundle includes the Halloween Mash-up, Halloween Battle Map, and the Campfire Tales Skin Pack. By purchasing the bundle, users do save some money versus buying all the packs separately.

Here is the video trailer showcasing all three of the DLC packs.

If you have been looking for a way to add some additional fright to your worlds, this content pack will be able to do just that.

Halloween 2

Mentioned as well is Battle Map Pack 4 which includes three new maps. These maps are a deserted snowbound base, an over-sized furniture world seen below, and a dusty frontier map.

Halloween 1

In addition to the new bundle. Mojang announced they will be hosting a special livestream on Halloween where their developers will unleash the new mobs that have been created with the new Add-Ons support. These will be able to be downloaded by the public as well.

Minecraft Launches Halloween DLC to Consoles