Last month, Minecraft was only available for Windows 10 users and exclusively downloadable from the Microsft Store. But Minecraft has just announced that the first episode of “Minecraft: Story Mode” is now available on Steam and it’s also free for anyone to play. Meanwhile, Lego has also announced the upcoming release of their game and it’s undeniably similar to Minecraft but a bit different.

“Minecraft: Story Mode” Episode 1 is about the character, Jesse, and her quest to save the world. Together with his friends, the players will have to travel and discover new places in the world of Minecraft while doing their best to save the world from total destruction.

And it looks like “Minecraft: Story Mode” did a good job as the game has received mostly positive reviews and sold at the right price so players are not hesitating to buy it. And this could be one of the reasons why Lego will also be releasing a Minecraft-like game which will premiere on February 21, 2017, in the same platform, Steam. The company has announced they have been developing and testing the game for quite some time now through the early access program of Steam and now they’re officially ready.

The game is called “LEGO Worlds” and players in this game get to discover secret treasures in a new and exciting world. Players get to customize their own mode of transportation, creatures and even personalities including cowboys, vampires, steamrollers and so much more. And just like Minecraft, the player is the master builder of the game and they can create absolutely anything they want and make a story about anything they can think of.

Moreover, LEGO has upgraded some features that make its gameplay more interesting and convenient for players in building stuff. They offer a range of options that makes the process faster compared to Minecraft where players have to work on each piece one by one.

Minecraft’ News and Update: Episode 1 Free On Steam; Lego to Release a Minecraft-Like in the Same Platform