“Minecraft” was upgraded today, after 4J Studios rolled out updates for the game’s console versions. Players can now download the 1.36 update called the “Banners, Blocks, Beats and Bears” on their PS4, PS3 and Playstation Vita.

4J Studios also announced on Twitter that they Japanese and European gamers will also get the update a bit later. “Minecraft on Sony consoles in Europe and Japan, and will be out later today in North America,” the studio tweeted.

Now, The latest “Minecraft” DLC offers a bunch of exciting new features as promised by 4J Studios. Gamers will be thrilled with the new mobs, wildlife, enchantments and more.

Below are the changelog posted on Minecraft forums. The update is applicable to all gaming platforms where “Minecraft” is playable.

For new blocks, end Bricks, grass path, beetroot, magma, frosted ice, bone block, red nether brick and nether wart block have been added. Then, beetroot seeds, beetroot and beetroot soup are now included in new items list.

The new enchantments in “Minecraft” are FrostWalker and Mending while new terrain generation features in the additional generated world include Fossils and Igloos. In addition, there will be polar bears roaming around the icy biomes and the range of banners can serve as personalized drape to beautify the place up.

Lastly, the “Minecraft” DLC comes with the Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack and fresh battle map. Once the Chinese Mythology pack is downloaded, the map will automatically appear together with other items that are part of the update. Players will get to wander through the dragon-laden Chinese Mythology-themed world.

In any case, since the update seems to be few in number, players may think that there is not a lot to gain from it. But in truth, the 1.36 update offers a lot and gamers will only see the changes once they start playing after installing the DLC.

‘Minecraft’ News & Update: Latest Patch Offers 4 Amazing Features; Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack DLC Goes Live!