The creator of Nintendo’s Donkey Kong, Pikmin and Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto, expressed his regrets that Nintendo was not able to release a game like Minecraft. The creator admits they had games designed like it but the project never realized to an actual game.

Nintendo Released A Game Like ‘Minecraft’

The ‘Minecraft’ project started with only one developer and suddenly became one of the hottest and most popular game in the world. But fans can’t help but think what could have happened if they have Nintendo to back them up.

According to Miyamoto, they had the same idea and design similar to it before. He reveals the game even have multiple experiments to polish the game as they plan to release it on N64. However, Miyamoto shares the team just didn’t have enough ideas to turn the idea into an interesting game. “That sounds to me like Nintendo prototyped some sort of sandbox builder but couldn’t figure out how to turn it into a compelling game.” Miyamoto said.

Why Nintendo Never Released the Game Like ‘Minecraft’

And it looks like ‘Minecraft’ didn’t really need a compelling idea how the game should be played as its players have their reason why they’re playing. Miyamoto says a lot of people never really figured out the purpose of the game but lots of them still play the game.

Minecraft has definitely captured the hearts of many gamers of every age. This is also the reason why more players are wondering why Nintendo never really released a game like this. But Miyamoto seems to understand now why it happened. Nintendo is strict in providing family-friendly games and with the freewill every player have in ‘Minecraft’, a clash between ‘Minecraft’ gameplay and the rules of Nintendo will clash at some point. For instance, the ability of ‘Minecraft’ players to create naughty images or anything not suitable for a child.

Nintendo Made A Game Like ‘Minecraft’; Super Mario Creator Regrets Nintendo Did Not Release ‘Minecraft’