It is undeniable that Minecraft has become a very popular game which prompted millions of gamers to play the game. Minecraft which is developed at every platform will soon be available in Apple TV. The good news was highly appreciated by Mac users as the announcement was made public just last week.

Apple CEO Tim Cook released the statement in the confidence that Apple will be bringing bigger games into its top box. Minecraft will soon join Apple’s 8,000 apps and games on both consoles and mobile, Engadget reports. It is reported that Minecraft will be soon be accessible by the end of this year.

Minecraft was developed by Microsoft’s Mojang, and to incorporate Minecraft into the Apple TV is a great milestone for the company. This will not be another pocket version of the game, but it will be released specifically as Apple TV edition, Techcrunch reports.


Although Apple will incorporate the same code base, Apple users will be excited to know that there will be new features that will be present in the Apple edition, which will be different from other versions. With the entry of Minecraft, Apple is willing to invest on more appealing games for its users.


Although there are no further announcements on what to expect on the Minecraft Apple version, Apple gamers may possibly want to purchase a third party controller to maximize playing experience, Forbes reports.

In the meantime, avid Minecraft players will have to wait for more updates.

Minecraft News & Update: CEO Tim Cook Ready For Minecraft; New Version Of Minecraft Specifically Developed For Apple TV