The latest updates to Minecraft spark the interest of the players. With the Minecraft 1.10 for consoles now available, significant changes to endgame content will be experienced, other than the new mobs, blocks, and items.

Mojang, Minecraft developer launched Minecraft 1.10 in order to delight all gamers with a huge update to the sandbox video game. This new full changelog is something that the video gamers will really enjoy. For over the years, both the game’s creator and the huge community that formed around it witnessed the evolution of Minecraft together. This made it possible for the building adventure title to spread across multiple platforms and to cater to multiple generations.

According to the release notes, new End Cities and End Ships have made their way to The End. This adds more life to the game and gives players a lot more to play around with once they’ve exhausted the game’s final area.

Another addition to the game is Elytra, a chestplate-slot item that gives the player wings. While equipped, players can glide from high ledges until they reach the ground, controlling their rate of descent by looking up or down. This allows players to get an aerial perspective on what they build and/or what others build around them. However, Elytra cannot be crafted, only found in the end.

A Mojang spokesperson said that they have been working in the depths of their bunker complex. Minecraft artists and builders have been busy blasting its glorious overworld into an irradiated wasteland fit for “Fallout” fans to wander.

Other updates also include new blocks, new mobs, new items, and an updated crafting interface. Only bad news is that the Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition will not be a free download for users.

Minecraft News & Updates: New Mobs, Blocks, and Wings to Consoles