“Minecraft,” the iconic sandbox game by Mojang, is one of the most popular games in the world and is most distinguishable by the boxy texture of its in-game world. With Microsoft’s acquisition of the developer back in 2014, the game has since become a phenomenon worldwide and is now available to most gaming platforms.

With its popularity, it is no surprise that the game is bestseller. In fact, “Minecraft” has already reached another milestone recently, with Mojang having already sold over 25 million copies of the title.

The latest figure came from the Minecraft sales statistics page, MS Power User reported. The PC and Mac versions of the game combined have now sold 25,079,997 at the time this article is written. In fact, the title is selling like hotcakes, having sold 8,418 copies within the last 24 hours alone.

The sales figure is still incomplete though. The figure only comprises the sales for its PC and Mac version which are considered to be the original and main version of the game contributing to a huge chunk of its revenues.

But the figure is bound to get bigger if sales from other platforms are taken into account. Sales for the “Minecraft” Windows 10 and Pocket Editions are expected to pick up with the recently introduced version 1.0 to the Windows 10 and Pocket Editions versions of the game.

Mojang is slowly bridging the gap between the mobile, console and the PC / Mac versions of the game. Previously, each platform plays a different version of the game resulting in a drastically different gaming experience one may get depending on which platform one plays the game.

On the console side, Mojang is likewise upgrading “Minecraft” for the platform. The developer introduced last December 2016 the version 1.10 for consoles, adding a host of improvements like mods, blocks, and even wings, Game Spot reported.

The most exciting addition introduced by the version 1.10 for consoles is the Elytra described to be a chestplate-slot item allowing players to gain wings. Players can jump from high ledges and glide gracefully to the ground, the rate of fall can be controlled by looking up to gain altitude or looking down to glide to the ground.

With the updates in place, “Minecraft” players will definitely appreciate the more uniform gameplay experience across all platforms. Meanwhile, check out the video below released by Team Mojang showcasing The Ender Update.

‘Minecraft’ PC and Mac versions breach 25 million copies sold