Wings are finally coming to Minecraft: Console Editions in December.

A free Holiday Update will bring the Elytra insectoid wings, End Cities, lingering potions, levitation and luck buffs, and amplified terrain, which exaggerates the contrast between mountains and valleys – perfect for a bit of flapping around.

The Elytra wings arrived for PC Minecraft in October 2015, and they’re a pain in the arse to find in game. Obtaining them involves going to The End, where be the Ender Dragon, and finding a flying ship where the wings are mounted on a wall. But once you have them you can glide around like a seagull eyeing someone’s lunch below, the majestic bastards.

A guide to getting the Elytra wings on PC in Creative mode, but it should be the same in Survival and on console.

The lingering potions are created using the dragon’s breath ingredient collected (bottled) from dragons. Lingering potions leave status effects on the ground.

October’s update.

The Holiday Update follows October’s console patch that introduced banners, blocks, beets and polar bears.

Minecraft wings finally coming to console in December