During an event held in New York, Microsoft unveiled its newest additions to Windows 10 that will showcase a brand new gaming experience and improve user's creativity.

One of the most noteworthy add-ons that came with the Windows 10 Creator update is the Paint 3D Preview. It helps users turn 2D images instantly into 3D objects with a simple press of a button.

Microsoft is also introducing Remix 3D along with the Windows 10 Creator update that will maintain uploads coming from the SketchUp app. This is one of the company's initiatives to create an online community that caters to 3D printing fans.

Customers can also purchase new themes for Windows 10 which Microsoft has made available in the Windows Store. A new personalization section is now going to be included on the online store that comes complete with different themes that can transform the overall appearance of Windows 10.

The Windows 10 Creator update also added new attributes to the Xbox with streaming broadcasts and e-sports. A new tournament creation mode has also been generated so that gamers can customize their brackets. This is the result of Microsoft's recent partnership with Beam that helps the company with the streaming service.

The Surface Studio is Microsoft's newest all-in-one PC release that has a 28-inch PixelSense display that uses 13.5million pixels, along with a TrueColor quality that makes the colors on the screen vivid. The touch screen is around 12.5 mm, which is the thinnest measurement for an LCD monitor ever made.

Microsoft has included for the PC an Intel Core i5 processor along with an 8GB RAM and 1TB hybrid drive. The Surface Studio monitor can also be swiveled down to a 20-degree angle thanks to a zero gravity hinge. The entire PC unit is priced at around $2,999.

Microsoft also included on the update the Surface Dial that can be used with the screen of the Surface Studio. The dial will be automatically sensed by the system and it will generate tool sets and buttons for users that will help them in editing different designs.

The Microsoft Surface Dial is fully compatible with the Surface Book, along with the Surface Pro 3 and 4. The Surface Dial is priced at $99 and is available for pre-order.

On other tech news, Apple announced that the popular video game title “Minecraft” will be added to the lineup of the fourth-generation Apple TV roster before 2016 is over. Other details were not revealed so fans of the game are unsure whether “Minecraft” Pocket or another version will be made available.

New Tech News: Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 Creator Update to Include Surface Dial, Surface Studio; Apple TV Adds ‘Minecraft’ to the Lineup